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Aquasil Ultra Smart Wetting Impression Material



Aquasil Ultra Smart Wetting® Impression Material is an addition silicone impression material. This new formula of Aquasil is designed with a reduced contact angle, an increase in tear strength, and maintenance of a low viscosity during the working time. The material is available as a regular- and fast-set rigid (light green), heavy (light green), monophase (maroon), low (teal), and extra-low (orange) viscosities. Aquasil Ultra regular-set has a working time of 2:30 and a set time of 5:00 from start of mix. The fast-set material has a working time of 1:30 and a set time of 3:00 from start of mix. It is available in 50-ml cartridges, and the putty viscosity is available in the original Aquasil formulation. Twenty-five editors used Aquasil Ultra in over 215 final impressions during a six-month period. This product received a 93% clinical rating.

Editors’ Observations

Manufacturer’s Instructions
Instructions for use are clear and concise. A well-written explanation of how the changes made to the original Aquasil Ultra Smart Wetting® Impression Material affect the final impression are also included.


Delivery System
Overall, the editors were pleased with the cartridge delivery system and tubs of putty. The heavy-body material was more easily extruded using a larger mixing tip than provided with the material. Leaving the tip with set material or recapping the cartridge after use is necessary, otherwise, the gray material will continue to flow from the opening. Changing the color of the labels on the fast-set and regular-set cartridges would provide greater distinction between the 2 materials.

Selection of Viscosities
The putty and heavy-body materials provide adequate resistance in the tray. The putty is easy to mix. The light-body material stacks and flows well. Some editors found the low-viscosity material to be too viscous and were strong proponents of the extra-low viscosity (XLV).

Editors reported very good accuracy in a moist environment with minimal voids and bubbles. The material adapts well to the tooth structure and sulcus.

Working and Setting Times
The fast-set and regular-set materials exhibit adequate working time. The fast-set material was very well received by all editors for use with single crowns and for patients with a strong gag reflex. The regular-set material provides ideal time for use in cases with multiple units.

Tear Resistance
No tearing or distortion of the impression material was experienced in over 215 cases. Removal from the mouth was found to be easy.

Quality of Final Impression
Editors reported very good detail with accurate replication of margins. Very few pulls or voids were observed. Most editors would prefer a greater color contrast between the high- and low-viscosity materials.

The mint flavor and scent were well accepted by patients. A few patients reported that the mint flavor contributed to diminishing their gag reflex.

Editors’ Note: The original evaluation was published in THE DENTAL ADVISOR, Vol. 20, No. 7, September 2003.