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AirLight M800-S

Beyes Dental Canada, Inc.

Consultants’ Comments

  • “No bulbs to replace!”
  • “Light is bright.”
  • “Good balance and torque”
  • “Swivel coupler allows quick connection of the handpiece.”
  • “Adequate air pressure is needed to operate the light.”
  • “I like the fact that the light source is built into the handpiece without additional units or couplings.”


The AirLight M800-S high-speed handpiece incorporates a built-in miniature generator to power the LED light. The drive air rotates the generator, generating electricity to illuminate the LED. The need for fiberoptic tubing and bulbs is eliminated. The unit requires minimum air pressure of 35 psi. AirLight M800 handpieces are designed with ceramic ball bearings and have a three-port water spray, a push button auto chuck mechanism and can be sterilized to 135°C. The AirLight M800 attaches to all four-, five-, and six-hole handpiece tubing and attaches to a quick connect swivel coupler. AirLight M800 comes with a one-year warranty and is available in two head sizes: M800-S standard, 13.1 mm, and M800-M mini, 11.8 mm. AirLight M800-S was evaluated by 12 consultants in over 500 uses. This high-speed handpiece received an 87% clinical rating.

Equipment Features

The ability to have illumination from a handpiece using non-fiberoptic tubing is a great convenience and an economical solution for many dentists. AirLight M800-S produces very good illumination, and the three-port water spray effectively clears the working area. Since the generator requires 35 psi drive air to rotate the motor, the light functions at full speed but not if the handpiece is being run slowly. The relative weight and noise level received varying ratings from consultants, as they compared AirLight M800-S to other handpieces. Those who found it heavy also noted that it was well balanced. Twenty-five percent of consultants rated AirLight M800-S better than other high-speed handpieces they were using and 33% rated it to be equivalent. Forty-two percent would switch to AirLight M800-S and 50% would recommend it to a colleague.