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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Love the dispenser! Easy to use and accurate.”
  • “Dispenses a conservative amount of material – not a lot of waste.”
  • “Good viscosity – wets tooth surface well.”
  • “It was hard to tell how much adhesive was left in the dispenser.”


ACE ALL-BOND TE is a 5th-generation, dual-cured, universal dental adhesive system that is compatible with all dental materials. ACE ALL-BOND TE is packaged in the ACE Delivery System, which is designed to dispense equal drops of the adhesive and dual-cure activator with the click of a button. ACE ALL-BOND TE is indicated for direct composite restorations, composite core buildups, indirect restorations, endodontic post bonding, repair of porcelain/lithium disilicate restorations, PFMs, porcelain-fused-to zirconia/alumina, repair of old or indirect composite restorations, for desensitization of preparations before provisionalization/immediate dentin sealing, and for exposed root desensitization. The kit contains two, ACE ALL-BOND TE cartridges (2 mL each); ACE Dispenser; 5 g syringe Uni-Etch with BAC; mixing well; applicator brushes; etchant tips and instructions. ACE ALL-BOND TE was evaluated by 24 consultants in 847 uses. It received a 92% clinical rating.

Product Features

Consultants reported that ACE ALL-BOND TE was easy to use with the ACE Delivery System. Uniform drops were dispensed into a well and then mixed by hand to produce a dual-cured bonding agent. The material has good viscosity and wets the tooth surface well. Working time is adequate for multiple restorations. Some consultants commented that the 20-second curing time was too long. Forty-two percent of consultants reported that ACE ALL-BOND TE was better than their current bonding agent and 42% reported it was equivalent. Sixty-seven percent would switch to ACE ALL-BOND TE and 83% would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • ACE ALL-BOND TE should be refrigerated if it will not be used within 60 days after opening.

  • Mix immediately before use.

  • Dispense a new amount when doing multiple restorations; it evaporates and quickly hardens in well.