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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Great hemostasis”
  • “Blue color is easy to see in the sulcus.”
  • “Works well to control moisture when placing Class V composite restorations.”
  • “Tip contains plenty of material.”
  • “A good addition to my retraction cord, but it does not replace it.”
  • “Tip is wide, limiting access and visibility.”


AccessFLO Flowable Gingival Retraction Paste is a clay-based material indicated for soft tissue management associated with crown and bridge impression procedures. AccessFLO comes in single-use syringe tips, which are intended to reduce risk of cross contamination. AccessFLO can replace retraction cord in some cases or it can be used in conjunction with cord. Aluminum chloride and kaolin clay aid in hemostasis. AccessFLO is removed from the gingival sulcus with water spray and suction. Each kit contains 15 tips, individually wrapped in foil pouches. AccessFLO was evaluated by 20 consultants in 274 uses. This retraction paste received an 86% clinical rating.

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Product Features

AccessFLO provides excellent hemostasis, creating a dry field for crown and bridge impressions. Consultants also used it during cementation and composite restoration procedures. The unit-dose tip reduces the risk of cross contamination and contains ample material. Consultants would have preferred a long, bendable tip rather than the rigid, curved tip. The viscosity of the paste is flowable enough to provide easy extrusion and placement into the gingival sulcus but produces little displacement of the soft tissue. Removal of AccessFLO requires a strong water spray.

Clinical Tips

  • AccessFLO can be used with cotton rolls or any type of compression product to enclose the paste in and around the sulcus while patient bites and holds.
  • Leave paste in place for at least two minutes.