What's New in Digital Dentistry

From the desk of
Dr. Sabiha Bunek, Editor-in-Chief

As most of you know, I recently opened my solo dental practice and had to immediately consider which digital options were a priority for me. I’ve had the privilege of using most every intraoral scanner on the market, had the ability to mill in-office, and like to stay on the cutting edge of technology. I realized that I’ve been lecturing on this topic for 11 years now, and so much has changed, but many things have not. I still use impression material. I enjoy digital scanning. I am currently considering Carestream, iTero, or 3 Shape. I have not purchased a scanner yet, and I don’t plan on milling in my office. I’ll leave that to my lab. In fact, I donated my in-office mill for research. 3D printing is an area that intrigues me, but I’m not ready to invest yet. In this issue, we found that I’m not alone. Many of my colleagues have successfully implemented scanning, milling, and 3D printing in their offices. Each practice is different, and before you choose for yourself, read through this issue. As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions; you can reach me at Thanks for your continued support and reading!