Simplifying cementation and bonding

Sabiha Bunek - Final

From the desk of
Dr. Sabiha Bunek, Editor-in-Chief

As new ceramics are introduced, the cementation process continues to adapt and evolve. There are a number of new resin cements on the market, some of which combine existing materials for convenience and simplified procedures, and some that have entirely new chemistry; however, we have yet to see a true universal cement for all indications. Each type of cement has different physical and mechanical properties, making no one cement alone sufficient for every application. To achieve success, clinicians need to be aware of the characteristics of each type of cement and use them appropriately.

The focus of this issue is to provide you with a brief overview of the properties, classifications, and advantages of various resin and conventional cements as well as describe what makes universal bonding agents “unique.” As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions; you can reach me at