Impression Methods

From the desk of
Dr. Sabiha Bunek, Editor-in-Chief

As new digital impressioning technology is introduced, I continue to get the same question during lectures: “Is it worth the investment?” I personally utilize both traditional and digital impressions in private practice, but place a higher value on the benefits of digital impressions.  In the last couple of years, intraoral digital impression systems have gained momentum as scanners have become more portable, precise and easy to use. More importantly, manufacturers are developing new technology fully aware that, in order for adoption rates to increase, the technology must be affordable and fit with the flow of clinical practice.

Still, we see clinicians reluctant to enter this digital marketplace. As we uncover contributing factors such as cost, learning curve, and workflow changes, we are now met with the introduction of desktop impression/model scanners. This technology is a great alternative to intraoral digital impression systems, and an entry point for clinicians who want to explore the digital impressioning landscape without a large investment.
In this issue, we compare soft tissue management techniques, review different impressioning methods, discuss technology new to market, and provide clinical tips to minimize errors for both clinicians and team members. We are grateful for your support as we celebrate 35 years as an educational resource for the dental community! As always, we look forward to hearing from our readers and welcome your comments and suggestions; you can reach me at drbunek@