2020 Product Awards

From the desk of
Dr. Sabiha Bunek, Editor-in-Chief

Sabiha Bunek - Final

Happy New Year! This past year was a landmark for us as we celebrated 36 years of contributing to the dental industry. Looking back on all of the wonderful products we have had the privilege to evaluate over the years, its been an exciting journey to watch companies and products stand the test of time in both the laboratory and in clinical practice. Equally exciting are the number of new and innovative companies that are entering the landscape of dentistry.
Our Top Awards and Preferred Products are some of the most sought after in the industry, due to our clinical evaluation combined with lab testing. Throughout the year our clinical evaluators provide us with valuable feedback from the field. When combined with the feedback from dental assistants, hygienists, laboratory technicians, and our awesome team at DENTAL ADVISOR I am confident and excited to share our results.
Many people ask if our awards are purchased or sponsored, and whether people buy their way in to make the list. The answer is no. Our awards are provided to companies that have their products evaluated by our group of consultants (also unpaid), in our laboratories, and follow them over the long term.
As we enter our 37th year, we offer endless thanks to our team and industry leaders for continuing to support our research and publication. As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome; you can reach me at


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