A Look Ahead at 2017

Since 1983, THE DENTAL ADVISOR has been providing the dental industry with evidence-based and clinically relevant information on dental restorative products, infection control products and dental equipment.

Beginning in 2017, our publication schedule will change to 6 double issues per year.  This allows for more detailed and focused Main Topics from a procedural standpoint.  Readers will continue to benefit from precise, real-world product evaluations from our clinical consultants and can utilize information found in our Main Topics to make product and technique decisions.  Main Topics are also used as an educational overview of current trends in any given area of dentistry, often putting them to the test in our laboratories or in clinical practice.

The goal of THE DENTAL ADVISOR remains unchanged:  to improve patient care through research and education.    Our growth in laboratory testing will allow more congruent reporting with  clinical experience, answering both the scientific questions and the relevance to every day practice. The popular Awards Issue and Clinical Problem Solvers will remain on the  publication schedule for our January/February issue and July/August issue.

Throughout the year, as dentistry changes, THE DENTAL ADVISOR will provide special reporting from our clinical and laboratory teams, focusing projects on timely and relevant information, sifting through claims and advertisements.   As we have always been, we look forward to our 34th year of being a trusted expert to the dental profession.