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THE DENTAL ADVISOR Research Report provides dental manufacturers with a rapid publication of exciting, objective research information on dental products. Small research projects completed at THE DENTAL ADVISOR Biomaterials Research Center or at universities or independent test facilities are published in THE DENTAL ADVISOR Research Report.

Number 65 • January-February 2015

Cleaning and Disinfection Investigation: Clorox Healthcare Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner Disinfectant Wipes

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  2015   Link to Cover Image    
January-February Number 65 Cleaning and Disinfection Investigation: Clorox Healthcare Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner Disinfectant Wipes
  2014   Link to Cover Image    
December Number 64 TIDIShield Assemble and Go Eye Shields
August Number 62 Cutting Performance of Various Single Use Diamond Burs
August Number 61 Comparative Durability of Super-Snap X-Treme and Sof-Lex Disk Systems
July Number 60 Gloss of a Composite Finished with Super-Snap X-TREME and Two Other Polishing Systems
February Number 58 Comparative Curing and Thermal Properties of Demi Ultra LED Curing Light
  2013   Link to Cover Image    
December Number 57 DentaPure Dental Waterlines Study
September Number 56 Investigation of ELine Water Quality Test Kit
November Number 55 Properties of a VPS Impression Material
June Number 54 All Ceramic Finish and Polishing
April Number 53 Flexural Strength of the Speed versus the Standard IPS e.max CAD Crystallization Cycles
  2012   Link to Cover Image    
November Number 52 CaviWipes1 Cleaning and Surface Disinfection Investigation
August Number 51 Tear Strength of Elastomeric Dental Impression Materials
August Number 50 Water Sorption and Solubility of Light-Cured Resin-Based Dental Restorative Nanocomposites
July-August Number 49 Microbial Evaluation of New Pre-packaged Burs
June Number 48 Cavex ImpreSafe Long-Term Disinfection Study
May Number 47 Mechanical Properties of Original GC FujiCEM Automix and New GC FujiCEM 2 Automix Cement
April Number 45 Mechanical Properties of a Bioceramic Luting Cement
April Number 44 Fluoride Ion Release from Several Fluoride Varnishes
February Number 43 FiteBac Germicidal Hand Gel Study
April Number 42 Torque Versus Speed Characteristics of Three 45 Degree Handpieces
  2011   Link to Cover Image    
October Number 41 Bond Strength of ACE ALL-BOND TE to Ground Enamel and Dentin
October Number 40 Bond Strength of U-Bond - a 7th-generation Bonding Agent
July Number 39 Cleaning Efficacy of Miele Washer-Disinfector
July Number 38 Flexural Strength and Modulus of Several Splinting Products
June Number 37 Radiopacity of Several Fiber Posts
April Number 36 Pathocept Aerosol and Surface Disinfection
April Number 35 Bond Strength of Several 7th-generation Bonding Agents
February Number 34 Bond Strength of Self-adhesive Resin Cements to Tooth Tissue and Ceramics
February Number 33 Depth of Cure of Several Composite Restorative Materials
  2010   Link to Cover Image    
November Number 32 Opti-Cide3 Cleaning Study
September Number 31 Effect of a Dental Water System Maintenance Additive on Bond Strength of a 7th-generation Bonding Agent
August Number 30 Bond Strength of OptiBond XTR Sixth-generation, Type I Bonding Agent
June Number 29 Microbial Contamination of Patient Napkin Holders
April Number 28 Gloss of a Provisional Composite Coated with SURFACE COAT Liquid Polish
March Number 27 Optim 33TB Cleaning Study
February Number 26 Cavex ImpreSafe Disinfection Study
  2009   Link to Cover Image    
June Number 25 Effect of Lanolin- and Vitamin E-enriched Cyntek Powder-Free Latex Gloves on Skin Health
June Number 24 Properties of Elastomeric Impression Materials
June Number 23 Properties of Elastomeric Impression Materials (German)
June Number 22 Comparison of the Fit of Crowns: 3M ESPE Lava Chairside Oral Scanner C.O.S. vs. Traditional Impressions
June Number 21 Bond Strength of Optibond All-in-One Seventh-generation Bonding Agent
February Number 20 Radiopacity of Several Glass Fiber Endodontic Posts
  2008   Link to Cover Image    
August Number 19 Bond Strength of Resin Cement to Treated Zirconia
August Number 18 Bond Strength of Clearfil Esthetic Cement and Clearfil Ceramic Primer to Treated and Untreated Ceramics
July Number 17 Elastic Memory of Impression Materials in Tension
January Number 16 The Efficacy of Light-assisted Chairside Whitening
January Number 15 Comparison of Radiopacity of Endodontic Posts
January Number 14 Tensile Properties of Impression Materials-Europe
January Number 13 Tensile Properties of Impression Materials-US
  2007   Link to Cover Image    
August Number 12 Bond Strength of Filtek LS System to Tooth Structure
  2006   Link to Cover Image    
April Number 11 Bond Strength of Dual-cured Resin Cements to Tooth Structure
March Number 10 Bond Strength of Adhesive Resin Cements to Tooth Structure as Affected by Moisture and Storage Time
March Number 09 Mechanical Properties of Flowable Resin Composites Using Different Curing Lights
March Number 08 Changes in Color before and after Polymerization and Gloss of Resin Composites
March Number 07 Bond Strength of Adhesive Resin Cement to Ceramic and Alloys
March Number 06 Bond Strength of Adhesive Resin Cements to Tooth Structure
March Number 05 Bond Strength of One-step Bonding Agents to Tooth Structure
January Number 04 Effects of Preheating Resin Composite on Flowability
January Number 03.5 Flowability of Impression Materials (Europe)
January Number 03 Flowability of Impression Materials (U.S.)
  2005   Link to Cover Image    
August Number 02 Bond Strength of Self-Etching Adhesives to Pre-Treated Enamel
June Number 01 In Vitro Bond Strength of Adhesive Cements to Tooth Structure