The Dental Advisor

Corporate Training

Our training is designed to provide attendees with an overview of dentistry, and understanding of dental procedures and equipment, and a chance to learn hands-on the practice of dentistry and daily dental laboratory operations.

All training is customized for your specific needs. Training at our "dental campus" includes: didactic learning in our education center and hands-on learning in our: biomaterials research center, Nellmar Dental Laboratory, Apex Dental Miling and Enspire Dental dental practice.

Course Outlines

Interactive Corporate Sales Training - Download Course Outline
Clean and Simple for Sales Reps: Infection Control Update - Download Course Outline
What's Bugging the Dentist? - Download Course Outline
Making Sense of CAD/CAM - Download Course Outline
Just Because You’re An Expert…Doesn’t Make You Interesting™ - Download Course Outline

What Past Attendees Have Said...

"The DENTAL ADVISOR is a collaborative & comprehensive education that enables a hands-on clinical experience that transcends the normal learning experience. The big picture comes in to full view & I feel that if you wish to learn about anything in or about dental that the DENTAL ADVISOR is the place to do it."
-   John Healy, Benco Dental

"The training I received at The Dental Advisor was tremendous. It proved to me, that even after 14 years experience, there is so much more we can learn and bring to our customers. Thank you for this terrific learning experience!Honestly, I did not think of the relevance of why we would be interested in so much "lab" stuff. I have used that information already. I feel more complete as a rep now.....I guess, Dental Advisor, you complete ME!"
-   Ron O’Shea, Benco Dental

"On behalf of Tokuyama America and all of our sales reps, I would like to thank you very much for everything while we were in Ann Arbor.  Everyone was very impressed with your facility, and they were even more impressed by the people at the Dental Advisor.  I really appreciate your amazing hospitality. We had such a great meeting this time, and it was a perfect place for it. It was also a great opportunity for all of our sales reps to know more about the Dental Advisor especially since the reprints and the booklet of the Dental Advisor are the biggest sales tools we got."
-   Ichi Yamada, Tokuyama America Inc.

"I am writing to thank you and everyone at Dental Advisor for the best program that I have attended in my 39 years in the dental industry. From Dental Advisor, to the lab, to milling, and the private practice, everyone was outstanding. I am sure that you are proud to be associated with an organization with such a high level of integrity."
-   Jeff Kelley, Sales Rep

"I just wanted to thank you for the great training session. Your facilities are very impressive and the training was very well structured. Please extend my gratitude to the rest of the staff."
-   Margarita Doan, Int'l Marketing Specialist, S.S. White Burs, Inc.

"This training has been an enormous help. Terms actually started to sound familiar and not so foreign. I feel like I have 10 times the knowledge that I did when I got to Ann Arbor. Everyone here was very hospitable and overly nice. Thanks again!! I would recommend this training to all new TR's and people new to dentistry. It was great."
- Frank DeLuca, Sales Rep

"This is by far one of the best training classes I have ever attended."
- Richard Martin, Regional Manager

"Being a new rep, it was an invaluable experience for me. Its one thing to hear about it and read about it, but actually seeing how everything works and how it gets done really started to bring everything together for me. "
- Keith Zinn, Sales Rep

"I just wanted to send a note of thanks to everyone involved at our excellent training. I truly appreciate the knowledge gained on the available CAD/CAM systems. Thank you to the labs and personnel who graciously shared their time & knowledge with us all. They and you are FABULOUS! Looking forward to telling everyone about the Dental Advisor & my experience."
- Jim Rook, Sales Rep