Ergonom-X E-Speed Self Developing X-ray Film

Cramer Dental Sales

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Convenient with fast development.”
  • “Good image quality and contrast.”
  • “Great for mobile dentistry.”
  • “The pouch that holds the chemicals makes it cumbersome to place in the mouth.”
  • “I would want an easier way to place the film especially when time is important.”


Ergonom-X E-Speed Self Developing X-ray Film is intended to provide fast, high-resolution x-rays without the use of a dental processor. Available as a self-contained packet with a monobath solution in one end and a #2 adult size film in the other, an Ergonom-X E-Speed x-ray is fully developed in 50 seconds. Ergonom-X E-Speed is available in boxes of 15 or 50 films. It is recommended for endodontic and implant procedures, nursing home dentistry, mobile dentistry, late night emergencies, and in case of equipment failure. The developed x-ray can be archived for up to 10 years. Ergonom-X E-Speed was evaluated by 16 consultants in 216 uses. It received an 88% clinical rating.

Product Features

Consultants reported that Ergonom-X E-Speed was convenient and developed quickly. Because of the bulk of the developer portion of the package, the unit was cumbersome to place in the mouth; however, the flexibility of the packet and soft pouch enhances patient comfort. Users of digital x-rays found Ergonom-X E-Speed useful during instances of sensor or computer malfunction. The long shelf life of 18 months makes it a useful item to keep in the office as a backup to usual methods. Eighty-three percent of consultants who had used their previous Ergonom X ‘D-Speed’ self-developing film reported that the new Ergonom-X E-Speed was better than their current self-developing x-ray film and 17% reported that it was equivalent. Nineteen percent would switch to Ergonom-X E-Speed and 75% would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • Ergonom-X E-Speed is recommended for 70 Kvp x-ray apparatus. Adjustments on exposure time are required for other units.

  • Use a hemostat to assist in placing the product in the mouth.

  • Allow film to develop for the proper amount of time and swish the chemicals around the film to develop it, then after 50 seconds push the chemicals back to the pouch side and open it. Be sure to wash it very thoroughly.