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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Rinses easily from the canals.”
  • “This packaging is better for infection control compared to using a paste from a jar or a syringe.”
  • “Design tubes with an angled neck for improved access to molars.”


EndoGel is a sterile, clear, viscous gel that combines 17% EDTA with carbamide peroxide in a water-soluble base. Irrigation with sodium hypochlorite in the presence of EndoGel produces effervescence to aid in cleaning debris from canal walls. It is supplied in 2-cc tubes and is intended for single use. The neck of the tube is narrow enough for direct application of EndoGel into the pulp chamber. Alternatively, it may be transferred to the tooth on an endodontic instrument. It is supplied in packs of 6, 24, 120, or 360 tubes. EndoGel was evaluated by 18 consultants in over 260 uses. EndoGel is a highly recommended EDTA gel to aid in canal lubrication and cleansing during endodontic treatment. It received a 90% rating.

Product Features

Consultants who evaluated EndoGel were currently using various pastes or gels intended for the same purpose. EndoGel was rated very good for its effectiveness in lubricating canals. The viscous gel stays in place during instrumentation. The clear gel was noted to improve visibility of the working area compared to many others that are white. The single-use packaging and ability for direct application to the tooth were highly rated by consultants. Each tube contains a sufficient amount of material for an entire procedure. Sixty percent of consultants would both purchase and recommend EndoGel.

Product Update

Endogel® by Jordco® has taken on a new packaging configuration since first introduced in 1999. Jordco recently has chosen to use the MicroDose® 1cc single delivery system. The MicroDose delivery system consists of a 1cc poly tube that hermetically holds the Endogel in a sturdy and easy to use tube. The tube has a long narrow neck that can easily deliver the gel to the pulp chamber or into a Jordco Gelwell® cup that is used with the Endoring® II. The single use tube delivers a generous 1cc amount of the lubricating gel and helps reduce cross contamination by eliminating the need for bulk syringes or jars.

Jordco as also has improved on the superior lubricating properties that dentists have come to depend on for initial root canal file negotiation. Endogel continues to be very water soluble and will easily dissolve from a canal system following normal irrigation technique. Our lubricating gel still contains EDTA and urea peroxide to help with the overall initial negotiation, shaping and cleaning processes. A package of Endogel contains 12 1-cc Microdose tubes in a convenient to use zip lock package. A unit of Endogel can be removed as needed from the pack, the tip can be snipped off using a scissors and the gel can be easily squeezed out for use. Single use packaging also allows for easy disposal after each use to prevent cross contamination.