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BEAUTIFIL® Bulk Flowable

The new BEAUTIFIL Bulk Flowable is an advanced, GIOMER bulk fill restorative material for base and liner placement in class I-II posterior restorations. Shofu’s proprietary GIOMER technology, a surface pre-reacted glass filler, provides high fluoride release and recharge benefits with ideal light diffusion properties to allow complete 4mm depth of cure without being too translucent, a known shortcoming of bulk fill composites. The outcome is an improved aesthetic result and nice shade adaptability within the patient’s mouth.

The varied particle sizes of Giomer creates a dense distribution within the resin and a high filler load (72.5wt%) to successfully reduce polymerization shrinkage stress. The material exhibits excellent strength and surface hardness with high radiopacity to ensure easy identification. Designed with a self-leveling feature to increase cavity adaption, ease of use and reduce time spent manipulating material. BEAUTIFIL Bulk Flowable is the new GIOMER bulk fill restorative you can trust.

Available in a 2.4 gm. syringe in universal and dentin shades, BEAUTIFIL Bulk Flowable is valued at a suggested retail price of only $37.44.

For more information visit, or contact Shofu Dental Corp. at 1.800.827.4638.



Beautifil Bulk Restorative

Launching at Chicago Mid-Winter in February 2014, the newest member to Shofu’s Giomer family is here! Beautifil Bulk Restorative is a conventional packable composite resin that incorporates the unique, bioactive benefits of Giomer, a surface pre-reacted glass filler that is backed by 13 years of clinical success*. Beautifil Bulk Restorative has optimum translucency and a high fill ratio which reduces polymerization shrinkage stress while increasing compressive and flexural strength. Beautifil Bulk Restorative has ideal balance of light diffusion and transmission that ensures complete polymerization at 4mm depth of cure. With sustained fluoride release and rechargability, Beautifil Bulk Restorative is ideal for high caries patients. Indicated for direct posterior restorations including occlusal surfaces, Beautifil Bulk Restorative has excellent condensability and sculptability ideal for posterior restorations with minimized shade difference before and after light curing. Beautifil-Bulk Restorative is an esthetic, advanced Giomer restorative you can rely on.

Available through your local dealer in a box of 20 tips (0.25g) suggested retail $74.85 or syringe (4.5g) suggested retail $35.00, Beautifil Bulk Restorative comes in shades Universal and A.

Tip Shade A – PN# 2033

Tip Shade Universal – PN# 2032

Syringe Shade A – PN# 2035

Syringe Shade Universal – PN# 2034


For more information, visit or contact Shofu Dental Corporation at 1-800-827-4638.




Fluoride Cavity Varnish with Xylitol

FluoroDose, from Centrix, is a sodium fluoride cavity varnish that tastes great and is easy to apply.  FluoroDose goes on clear and features 5% sodium fluoride, the maximum allowed fluoride dosage, in single-use LolliPack® packages.

Each LolliPack® unit contains one single dose (0.3ml) of FluoroDose plus one clean Benda® Brush applicator. To insure consistency, this type of package allows you to mix the varnish prior to application. Simply peel back the cover, dip in the brush, mix and apply. FluoroDose sets rapidly in the presence of saliva, providing immediate and long-lasting results. It will remain on the tooth surface for 6 to 8 hours for optimum fluoride uptake.

FluoroDose features:

Ideal viscosity and natural white color

  • Unit dose delivery allows for ease of use and cleanup
  • No need for a prophy before application
  • Dries in seconds upon contact with saliva
  • Remains on tooth for 6 to 8 hours for optimum fluoride uptake
  • Available in great tasting Bubble Gum, Melon, Cherry and Mint flavors
  • Economical. Best value on the market
  • Dip. Mix. Brush. Throw away.

Why bother with messy fluoride gels and uncomfortable trays? FluoroDose saves time and insures a more pleasant experience for both you and your patient. Centrix makes dentistry easier!

FluoroDose Bubble Gum, Melon, Cherry and Mint flavors are sold separately in 120-, 600-, or 1,200-unit packages.  For more information visit or call (800) 235-5862.





E|LineTM Water Quality Check Kit

Take charge of your office water today.

Easy to use, in-house testing

Easy to read, clear results in just 24 hours

With E|Line™ Water Quality Check Kit, you can rest assured that your efforts to clean/disinfect your waterlines literally shows. Biofilm and Bacteria Test Vials indicate via colour change whether or not your water contains a bacteria count greater than 200 cfu/mL (as recommended by the American Dental Association). Conveniently test on site with a 37°C dry block incubator. Knowing your staff and patients are not at risk in your office has never been easier and safer.

Water quality testing requires two different types of vials:

  • Biofilm Test Vials (Pink Cap): These test for the presence of Pseudomonas spp, which is an indicator of biofilm within your dental waterline system. The test is based on the limit of 200 cfu/mL. 
  • Bacteria Test Vials (Yellow Cap): These test for the presence of E. Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus and Salmonella Typhi. The test is based on the limit of 200 cfu/mL.

Each E|Line™ Water Quality Check Kit consists of 1 Test Vial Set + 1 Record Log to track your results. Each Test Vial Set includes 12 vials: 6 x [2 mL Biofilm Test Vials] + 6 x [2 mL Bacteria Test Vials]

Assurance what you are doing actually works!

Germiphene Corporation | Brantford ON Canada
For more information call 1.800.265.9931 or visit




Conventional glass fiber posts incorporate glass fibers with epoxy resins to form a non-metallic, post composite.  When this simple glass fiber post technology was introduced a number of years ago, it represented a significant step in dental restorative treatment.  Dentists discovered that they could eliminate metal posts and all of their negative aspects. However, these basic glass fiber posts have problems; notably in the areas of light cure-bonding and radiopacity.  iLumi® patented, Fiber Optic Dental Posts (FOPDs) represent the next generation of ‘fiber posts’.  iLumi® FOPDs incorporate, biocompatible, optical fibers. These glass fibers are similar to those used for telecommunications and medical products. Every microfiber ‘core’ is thermally-coated with an optical glass cladding. This process produces Total Internal Reflection with a large acceptance angle; maximizing both curing light capture and light energy delivery down to the deepest recesses of the bonding area. Additionally, iLumi® dentin-white Fiber Optic Dental Posts incorporate a unique, corrosion-free glass matrix, whose physics produce an exceptional radiopacity to X-rays.  While traditional metal posts provide impact strength, their unyielding rigidity (high elastic modulus) often causes fracture at the root of the tooth.  iLumi® FOPDs significantly reduce this risk, providing uniform flexibility, mechanical elasticity and ease-of-grinding, comparable to dentin. No other fiber post technology offers a complete solution to dental post, restorative care. Only iLumi® patented Fiber Optic Dental Posts deliver the curing light, the mechanical strength, the long term elasticity and the diagnostic radiopacity; features you need to do the best job you can for you and your patient.



Microflex Neogard Exam Gloves - Try Neogard® gloves and get a FIRM GRASP on WET GRIP. Experience the best of both worlds – unmatched stretchy soft comfort and excellent wet grip performance – all in a non-latex glove. Our unique formulation delivers outstanding grip in wet and dry environments. Polymer-coated for easy donning, especially on damp hands. Soft and stretchy chloroprene formulation is highly comfortable with unparalleled tactile sensitivity and strength; Neogard® gloves are ideal for every task, from cleanings to orthodontics. Call (877) 750-6115 or visit to request a free sample.



Super-Snap X-Treme

Shofu now introduces the new Super-Snap X-Treme, an enhancement to the original green and red Super Snap composite polishing disks. The Super-Snap® system has been awarded “Top Composite Finishing and Polishing System” by THE DENTAL ADVISOR for 6 consecutive years. In order to meet varied clinician’s preferences and advancements in composite technology, we now offer Super-Snap X-Treme, an advanced 3D polishing technology designed to deliver remarkable high gloss and low surface roughness.

Super-Snap X-Treme red and green discs are thicker to increase stiffness and durability while also maintaining flexibility in interproximal areas. The added thickness of X-treme disks provides a nice tactile feel. Additionally, X-Treme disks feature a 3D coating to the red aluminum oxide disc to further enhance polishability. The new coating of the red disc surface appears as rounded, 3D semispherical shaped grits, arranged homogeneously, to provide space to discharge ground particles and reduce clogging. The advanced 3D technology maintains a smoother polishing surface and helps to reduce secondary scratches. Super Snap X-Treme, taking composite polishing to the next level.

Available in 2 sizes, standard 12 mm and mini 8 mm, in a kit or as individual refills.

For more information visit, or contact Shofu Dental Corp. at 1.800.827.4638.



WELTEX Disposable Air/Water Syringe Tips

JP Solutions has recently introduced a new disposable air/water syringe tip.  The WELTEX disposable air/water syringe tips fit all standard air/water syringes without an adapter and are interchangeable with metal tips.  They offer guaranteed dry air with no leakage and have separate air and water tubes to eliminate cross-over.  The tips have a smooth edge for patient safety and comfort, and they are fast and easy to exchange.  WELTEX disposable air/water syringe tips are available in white or in assorted colors and offer the same high quality as other leading brands at prices up to 30% less.

For more information, call JP Solutions at (845) 589-0215 or visit, or contact your dealer.



Xantasil alginate substitute. Impressively convenient.

Xantasil is the new addition-curing elastomeric impression material for anatomical impressions ensuring significantly improved handling and dimensional stability compared to traditional alginates.

It is specifically designed for the requirements of anatomical impressions and features long-term dimensional stability, void-free mix quality, hygienic processing, easy disinfection, optimized gypsum pouring behavior and easy handling at every step in the process.

Convenient to pour, convenient to store: The dentist saves effort and time with Xantasil, the clever substitute for traditional alginates, and gets robust impressions every time – no hassle, no mess.


  • Anatomical impressions such as
    • Impressions for temporaries
    • Orthodontic models
    • Opposing jaw models
    • Splints


For more information on Heraeus Kulzer or its products, call (800) 431-1785 or visit