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Ivoclar Vivadent Introduces Adhese® Universal: Cost-Effective Universal Adhesive

The Only Universal Dental Adhesive Available in the Revolutionary VivaPen® Delivery Form

Ivoclar Vivadent introduces Adhese® Universal, a new single-component, light cured universal adhesive for direct and indirect bonding procedures. Adhese Universal is compatible with all etching techniques: self-etch, selective enamel- etch and total-etch.  What sets this universal adhesive apart from others is that it is the only universal adhesive available in the revolutionary VivaPen® delivery form, as well as in the traditional bottle delivery form.

The ergonomically-designed VivaPen enables the adhesive to be delivered directly to the preparation in a fast and convenient manner with virtually no waste.  Adhese® Universal VivaPen® delivers up to 190 single-tooth applications, significantly more than a traditional adhesive bottle. This drastically decreases cost per application and contributes to more cost-effective treatments.

Studies have shown that the bond strength of adhesive materials decreases over time as the solvent evaporates from the bottle. The VivaPen, on the other hand, delivers consistently high bond strength over time because it ‘locks in’ the material to ensure fresh material every time.

“If I need one drop, or four, it is as easy as pushing a button on the VivaPen,” explains Dr. Thomas Trinkner, who made the switch to the VivaPen®. “No more going back and forth to the well to get enough material to cover the prep and no more unused material left in the well. I love the reduced waste and the time saved.” Most clinicians don’t realize how much adhesive waste occurs in their practice from not using the entire amount of adhesive dispensed in the well.

About Ivoclar Vivadent

Ivoclar Vivadent is a global leader in innovative materials and processes for quality, esthetic dentistry. The company employs over 3000 people and operates in over 120 countries throughout the world.  Ivoclar Vivadent is headquartered in Schaan, Liechtenstein.  Its North American headquarters is based in Amherst, NY. For more information, call 1-800-533-6825 in the U.S., 1-800-263-8182 in Canada.

For further information, please contact:

John Isherwood

Tel.: 716-691-2233

Fax: 716-691-2254




AHfil + Capsule

“AHfil + Capsule”
is a glass ionomer filling material manufactured using translucent alumina-silicate glass that offers excellent aesthetics without compromising on strength and wear resistance. The posterior material delivers superb translucency, high fluoride release and excellent biocompatibility with minimal pulp sensitivity. AHfil+ Capsule has a CTE close to that of natural dentition. Superior bond strength is achieved without the need for pre-treatment of dentine or enamel.

The product comes in sealed foil pouches with the delivery tip already in place and can be dispensed directly into the tooth cavity or without the tip, directly onto a mixing pad to get the maximum volume from the capsule.

The capsule is based upon a market leading design and offers the user an accepted operating protocol to enable consistent accurate dispensing. After manual activation the capsule is mixed in a high speed capsule mixer for 10 seconds, and indicated for Class III and V cavities, core build up and Minimal Intervention (MI) treatment.

Packable consistency and high compressive strength matched with good radiopacity.

The product is available in boxes of 50 capsules in shades A2, A3 and A3.5.



MEISINGER’s Black Cobra Diamonds

MEISINGER’s Black Cobra Diamonds, coated with our exclusive CARBOCER coating, were developed with an integrated, guided cooling system to allow for the bulk reduction of enamel, while minimizing heat buildup through the diamond free channel. The black CARBOCAR coating allows for faster prep times and enhanced diamond life due to the properties of this unique innovation. This revolutionary coating provides a hard, wear-resistant, low-friction, fast and efficient cutting surface while increasing the life of the diamond. The Black Cobra Diamonds were developed with the primary focus of reducing the time and cost associated with crown preparation. For more information, call (866) 634-7464.




Making it Easy to Place, Smooth and Manipulate Your Composite

Cosmedent’s Brush & Sculpt helps you place, smooth and manipulate your composite effortlessly with a brush or instrument. By adding a small amount of Brush & Sculpt to your brush, you will eliminate the frustrating problem of sticky composite pullback.  Brush & Sculpt is a 36% filled liquid resin that is HEMA-free, so it will not stain your composite. To purchase Brush & Sculpt, or to receive additional information please call a Cosmedent Customer Care Representative at 800-621-6729 or visit




The new Com-Fit Plush™ line of hypoallergenic facemasks is designed to keep dental staff as protected as they are comfortable. The product promises to set a new industry benchmark in comfort, while offering the proper protection for dental procedures.

Com-Fit Plush™ Masks are lined with an innovative inner material that feels silky soft on the skin and is hypoallergenic.  Along with gentle earloops and a patented curved nose band, they provide a perfectly pleasant fit to help encourage compliance. 

Com-Fit Plush™ Masks are offered in three levels of protection—each corresponding to ASTM levels 1 to 3—that offer the right protection for virtually any procedure:

CFP-1 – For procedures with light amounts of fluid, spray and/or aerosols.

CFP-2 – For procedures with low to moderate amounts of fluid, spray and/or aerosols.

CFP-3 – For procedures with moderate to heavy amounts of fluid, spray and/or aerosols.

For a free sample, go to or visit for more information.




Control Seal – The first highly filled sealant that is clear

Control Seal is the first highly filled sealant that comes in a clear color, combining the easy diagnostics and excellent wear resistance in one product.  Due to VOCO’s advanced Nano technology Control Seal achieves with 55% by weight a very high filler degree but still remaining the excellent flow characteristics of a superior sealant.  The nano fillers allows VOCO to remain a clear color allowing an easily visual check-up of the sealant. In addition, the transparency of this product allows for the use of diagnostic methods based on laser fluorescence so that caries can also be diagnosed and monitored when it occurs underneath the sealing layer. Control Seal avoids the wrong readings of these devices, a common problem with opaque sealants.

The light cured , nano-composite-based fissure sealant is designed to seal fissures and pits, to face damaged enamel surfaces, to cover predilection sites, e.g. during the course of orthodontic treatments and to seal composite or cement fillings as a protective layer against moisture. Control Seal is additionally suitable for sealing deciduous teeth as well as for extended fissure sealing.

Unlike many other transparent fissure sealants, Control Seal also impresses with its physical properties, which include good compressive strength and high flexural strength, in addition to low levels of shrinkage and abrasion. Control Seal is available in the non-running NDT® syringe, which guarantees a uniform flow with simple administration.

For more information visit:




Stoma Dental DOVE™ Disposable Oral Valve Evacuation

The Stoma Dental DOVE™ Disposable Oral Valve Evacuation system is a low-cost precision-designed and engineered intuitive, easy-to-use antimicrobial HVE and SE Valve-based evacuation system.

Now you can protect against transmission of microorganisms and infection and reduce the possibility of contact with potentially harmful material.  With the DOVE™ there is no need for repeated sterilization or autoclaving, and you will avoid the resultant wear-and-tear and compromised performance inherent in reprocessing metal and O-ring parts through constant disassembly, sterilization, lubrication and reassembly.  In addition, you will have no need to invest in a high-cost inventory of valves.

Stoma Dental DOVE™ devices are simple and intuitive.  The tapered elongated extension end of the DOVE™ SE and the DOVE™ HVE pressure-fits into the standard tailpiece vacuum hose connectors. The valves are operated by manipulating a thumb-activated switch.  The DOVE™ SE and the DOVE™ HVE come fully-assembled.  Snap the DOVE™ tailcap out, snap the DOVE™ into the tailpiece connector, and attach a suction tip and the system is ready for use.

Stoma Dental is a St. Louis-based company whose mission is to develop and market easy to use disposable anti-infection devices for use in the dental operatory.  The DOVE™ line of HVE and SE valves and tailpieces represent the first products launched by the company, with others expected beginning later in 2014. 

Stoma Dental is dedicated to developing and bringing to market cost-effective disposables for patient safety.  We welcome your queries through our website at or by phone at 855-800-3683 (DOVE). 




DryShield offers a unique, triple-threat combination of controlled isolation, retraction and aspiration of the oral environment, so dental professionals can focus on what they do best --- providing high-quality dentistry and patient satisfaction.

DryShield boasts the groundbreaking, U.S. and worldwide patent-pending, AUTOCLAVABLE mouthpiece. DryShield mouthpieces are made of a distinctively soft, flexible silicone material designed for maximum comfort. They come in four different sizes to accommodate every patient, including children. In addition, DryShield features interchangeable bite blocks available in multiple sizes to facilitate access and maximize patient comfort.

Installing the portable DryShield is quick and easy, transporting a dental office into the future in seconds.  Whether the user is the owner of a practice, an associate, a dental hygienist or a dental assistant, DryShield is designed to take every professional to the next level in practicing dentistry.

With the powerful DryShield, users are able to reduce procedure time, schedule more patients in a day, and do more dental procedures in a single appointment.

DryShield promotes a relaxed and stress-free work environment. With the revolutionary DryShield, every dental professional is on their way to practicing dentistry like never before!

For more information about DryShield, call 1-888-DRY-0300 or visit




EndoUltra is the first cordless, compact, battery operated piezo ultrasonic (40kHz) irrigant activation device. Only EndoUltra is capable of producing acoustic streaming and cavitation in small canal spaces, resulting in significantly improved debridement, disruption of biofilm, improved penetration of irrigants into dentinal tubules, and the removal of vapor lock. Resulting in significantly improved outcome. For more information visit



Garrison Dental Solutions Introduces eZr™ Intra-oral Adjusting & Polishing System for Zirconia and Lithium Disilicate

An all-new polishing system that enables clinicians to easily adjust and polish zirconia and lithium disilicate reducing the possibility of chipping and microfracturing.

SPRING LAKE, Michigan. – (May 19, 2014) – The eZr™ Polishing System from Garrison provides a processing solution that not only produces a high gloss finish on zirconia, but has also been shown to increase its physical stability through polishing.  Highly polished, stable zirconia surfaces are now attainable.

eZr™ is a three-step diamond polishing system including grinders and polishers for adjusting and correcting chairside restorations such as inlays, onlays, veneers and crowns.  The kit includes multiple shapes (point, cup and disc) with 2 coarse grinders for adjusting, 3 medium grit polishers for smoothing and pre-polishing, and 3 fine grit polishers for high gloss polishing.  There are refills available for each. 

The coarse grinders achieve a high material removal rate, while allowing heat dissipation from the processed material.  This can be of great significance as the unique material characteristics of zirconia require specific processing tools.  The eZr grinders use cool grinding to avoid heat development and consequential micro-crack development.

The correct processing of zirconia has been a controversial issue for a long time, due to the risk of microfracturing.  Finishing with the appropriate instruments is now possible and produces long term stability of the restoration.  The polishers have a long life and, in combination with a high material removal rate, allow for an economic and fast processing system to get to glossy in seconds, without polishing paste.

For more information about the eZr™ Adjusting & Polishing System, call 1-888-437-0032 or visit

About Garrison Dental Solutions

Garrison Dental Solutions, established in 1996, is a privately held company specializing in the design, development and manufacturing of product solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of dentistry.  The Company is the industry leader in sectional matrix systems and its products are sold globally.  Please visit for more information.


Garrison Dental Solutions, LLC

Janet McGettigan – Marketing Programs Manager

Tel:         1-888-437-0032






Hello is the first seriously friendly oral care brand. Aiming to be your swish come true, hello mouthwash is both tasty and beautiful while keeping mouths fresh, clean and healthy in a fun and friendly new way. Hello mouthwash is vegan, cruelty-free (Leaping Bunny certified) and free of alcohol, dyes and artificial sweeteners. The product is also packaged in a bottle that you’d be proud to display on your bathroom sink, all while leaving mouths happy, moisturized and refreshed. Available flavors include Supermint, Pink Grapefruit mint and Mojito Mint.



New! Knit-Pak™+ Size 000.0
Impregnated Knitted Retraction Cord
from Premier® Dental Products Company

Knit-Pak+ 000.0 is the smallest diameter cord on the market! The small size is ideal as the first cord in the double cord technique and is especially useful when packing tight gingival tissue.  The impregnated aluminum chloride is a proven safe and effective hemostatic agent.  

is a knitted retraction cord manufactured from unique microfibers. The fibers are distinguished by having very low moisture content with high durability and retention properties.  These attributes create a retraction cord with superior absorbency and a pliable structure that resists fraying.  Knit-Pak™+ offers exact medicinal loading (AlCl3 0.5mg± 0.1mg/inch), easily packs into the sulcus and will not entangle in burs.

The Knit-Pak+ containers feature a ceramic cutting blade inside the cap that automatically cuts the cord upon closing.   Knit-Pak+ cords are available in six sizes, which are color-coded for quick and easy identification.  

Premier® Dental Products Company



mirror magic™ Anti-fog System

The mirror magic™ Anti-fog System prevents fogging on mouth mirrors and provides the practitioner a quick method for debris removal. A disposable, self-adhesive Swipe Pad sticks to the back of a gloved hand or patient bib for efficient performance. The anti-fog solution is applied to the Swipe Pad and the mouth mirror is gently swiped prior to the start of the procedure. This anti-fog system requires only a small amount of solution for each procedure and the economic size allows the Swipe Pads and solution to be easily stored.

For more info


Zirc Company






ACTEON North America introduces the PURE NEWTRON line of piezo-ultrasonic scalers which includes Newtron P5XS, Newtron P5 and Newtron Booster. The PURE NEWTRON piezo-ultrasonic scalers and the NEWTRON SLIM B.LED handpieces are the latest addition to the SATELEC ultrasonic line. The completely redesigned devices will charm you with their elegance and ergonomics. The new glowing color power dial makes power selection simple and reduces the risk of tip breakage. The refined curves of the handpiece enhance its handling and the bright LED’s increase visibility in posterior areas. The devices also meet hygiene requirements with flat, smooth surfaces and detachable buttons which make cleaning easy. Compatible with over 80 tips, each PURE NEWTRON device can perform the most applications such as scaling, periodontics, endodontics, and restorative procedures. If you would like a free trial or to learn more about the PURE NEWTRON range, you are invited to visit the website or call (800) 289-6367.



reliaFIL LC Universal Composite Material

reliaFIL LC Universal Composite Material “reliaFIL LC” is a universal light cured composite filling material. Using advanced particle technology we have developed a “nano hybrid” composite material that offers advanced fluoride release and recharge properties similar to those of glass ionomer materials. It is indicated for use on in both posterior and anterior cavities ranging from Class 1 to Class V. 

reliaFIL LC has excellent wear resistance, superb aesthetics along with high flexural strength and a radiopacity twice that of natural dentine, which makes this an ideal choice for general dentistry. 

Where the patient is either young or has a high caries risk reliaFIL LC is the optimum material due to the continuous release and recharge of fluoride from water and toothpaste. This also makes the product ideal for the Minimal Intervention dentistry and also eliminates the need for the use of the “sandwich” technique. 

The product is available in two presentations, one a 4gm syringe and the other 20 x 0.25 single use capsules in shades A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B1, B2, C2, BW, A2O, A3O and INC.




MEISINGER introduces a large range of diamond instruments for single-patient use. MEISINGER “Singles” are individually packaged and sterilized for immediate use so the time-consuming sterilization before use is no longer required. The synthetic diamond grain provides efficient and precise ablation, allowing for excellent working results. Each instrument is color-coded, allowing for a quick visual for using the proper grain size. MEISINGER “Singles” are sold in a box containing 25 individually sterile packed burs, allowing for easy dispensing. Contact Meisinger USA Customer Service at (303) 268-5400 for additional information or to order yours today!



Soft Grip & Double-sided Neon Assorted Packs

Zirc would like to introduce New Neon Assorted Packs for both the Soft Grip One-piece mouth mirror and Double-sided mirror head. Both styles feature the unique lens technology of the Crystal HD® mouth mirror which provides a 40 percent brighter image compared to the industry standard Rhodium lens. The lens helps to prevent eye strain and stress by displaying clear, shadow free images. In addition, this mirror line offers lightweight and hand-friendly handle designs providing comfort and dexterity. Zirc’s Crystal HD® Mirror Line is available in stainless steel heads and plastic mirror options which are made of high-quality, autoclavable materials.

For more info


Zirc Company






Stabiliner™ is a patented try-in adhesive liner for temporary stabilization of ceramic restorations, permitting timesaving assessment and convenient adjustment of restorations prior to final cementation. Use of Stabiliner™ reduces repetitive on/off placement of crowns, veneers, or bridges during try-in procedures. Stabiliner™ permits adjustments to be made on the restoration(s) while temporarily affixed to prepared teeth, or while stabilized on the working die or model.

Use of Stabiliner™ also facilitates a comfortable try-in experience for the patient, who is able to smile, speak and view restoration fit and esthetics before final cementation. The material is especially helpful during try-in of single or multiple restorations on the maxillary dentition.

Stabiliner™ is a translucent, automix, modified silicone paste dispensed via a precision mixing tip and applied inside the moistened restoration. When the restoration is seated during try-in, Stabiliner™ conforms to the internal surface, cures and secures the restoration to the tooth, allowing preview of fit, color, and occlusion. After try-in, the restoration is easily removed by finger pressure with a cotton gauze pad.  Stabiliner™ is visible as a thin film on the restoration’s internal surface and is removed by rolling its edge and lifting it away, leaving a clean surface requiring no residual cleanup. Stabiliner™ is available in Standard Set for general use or Quick Set (recommended for use with chairside CAD/CAM restorations).

Crown Delta Corporation

1550 Front Street

Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

Phone: 914-245-8910



Ti-Max Z900L

Delivering exceptionally high power, the newest ultra-premium air turbines in NSK’s Ti-Max Z handpiece line are engineered for maximum durability, consistent performance, smooth cutting, and optimal access to all areas of the mouth.

The Ti-Max Z900L (standard head) and Ti-Max Z800L (miniature head) was  unveiled at the 2014 Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting, long a traditional launch pad for innovative new dental products. The debut represents NSK Dental’s most important and well-planned effort to date.                     

The standard-head Ti-Max Z900L delivers an industry leading 26 W of power and operates between 330,000 and 400,000 rpm. Providing 23 W of power, the miniature head Ti-Max Z800L runs from 360,000 to 430,000 rpm. Made possible by a proprietary specially shaped turbine, these power outputs enable fast cutting for reduced treatment time as well as a smooth, consistent cutting feel for comfortable operation.

The handpieces feature solid-titanium bodies. The ergonomic shape and DURAGRIP coating create firm and controlled grip, even in wet conditions. Access is enhanced with slim neck dimensions, optical head angle, and a unique notch to rest your index finger and thumb. Cellular glass optics further improve visualization of the operating site.

Their improved long-lasting ceramic bearings dramatically prolong the instruments’ working life. The durable design also reduces running costs. When the interchangeable cartridge does require replacement, switching out is a simple procedure that can be done chairside.




EDALU Products introduces the Tab-a-Bib™ and the Duo-Tab-Bib™: Eliminate cross contamination due to bib chains.


The Only Bibs Designed with Straps and Adhesive Tabs for Easy Attachment around Patient’s Neck.

EDALU Products introduces the Tab-a-Bib™ and the Duo-Tab-Bib™, two new bibs designs that will eliminate the need for reusable and disposable holders. The Tab-a-Bib™ and the Duo-Tab-Bib™ are manufactured with two layers of tissue and one layer of poly; these are for single use.

The Tab-a-Bib™ easily attaches around the patient’s neck by using a single strap with an adhesive tab. It provides an additional layer of protection by eliminating the need for reusable chains which are commonly known for not being entirely clean. In addition, there is a noticeable amount of time saved with one less item to disinfect.

The Duo-Tab-Bib™ has two straps and two adhesive tabs that easily attach around the patient’s neck. The tabs expand around the neck of the patient creating a protected area for the collar and neck. This design is larger than the traditional bibs in the market. It is great for larger coverage and patients with suits and ties or large necks. Another advantage to using the Duo-Tab-Bib™ is its ability to attach the tabs to patient’s clothing as an alternative option.

“This is one of a kind design, keeps the patient’s clothing ‘prophy paste free’ with more material, allowing for enhanced coverage and protection against accidents,” explains dental hygienist Shavonne Healy, who uses the Duo-Tab-Bib™ daily.  

For more information

EDALU Products LLC

Call (855) 493-7287 or visit