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Product News & Updates

Over time, products change, even those that you have come to rely upon. When a manufacturer makes changes to a product, THE DENTAL ADVISOR will provide a Product Update listing the changes you should expect. When a manufacturer introduces a new product, THE DENTAL ADVISOR will provide updated information here.

January 28, 2015

G-aenial Bond Unit Dose Product Update

G-aenial Bond is a 7th-generation adhesive that is now available in Unit Dose packaging. Each Unit Dose has 0.1 mL of adhesive in an easy-to-open container that is wide enough to insert the applicator brush and remove a generous volume of liquid on the tip. Fifty-seven percent of consultants preferred G-aenial Bond in the Unit Dose vials over the original 5 mL dropper bottle. The majority of dentists (86%) felt it was important that their bonding agent be compatible with multiple etching techniques. G-aenial Bond is designed for the selective etching technique (self-etch for dentin, etch and rinse for uncut enamel). Each box contains 50 Unit Dose G-aenial Bond and 50 applicator brushes.

November 18, 2014

MTA-Angelus is an endodontic reparative cement containing mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA). A new, smaller packaging option includes a single 1 g vial of powder. Fifty percent of consultants preferred this to the original 5 x 1 g packaging. MTA-Angelus is indicated for the treatment of lateral and furcation perforations, apexification, internal resorption, pulpotomy, pulp capping, and apexogenesis. The powder is packaged in a re-sealable vial; liquid (distilled water) is in a dropper bottle. MTA-Angelus is available with white powder or a new light gray color.

November 10, 2014

1Shot SUB Series is a dental x-ray film and sensor holder system.  Recent changes to the system hold the sensor/film more securely in place. The medical-grade silicone bands are now thicker for added retention. Bands also have a handle integrated at one end to aid in stretching it in place. The addition of the handle improves the user’s ability to secure the band over the sensor/plate, especially with gloved fingers that can limit gripping ability.
The system is designed to fit all film, phosphor plates and digital sensors in all sizes. Holders are color-coded plastic and include styles for bitewing, anterior/posterior periapicals, and anterior/posterior endodontic radiographs. All x-ray holders and silicone universal bands are reusable and autoclavable.

September 25, 2013

MI Varnish is a 5% sodium fluoride varnish containing RECALDENT (CPP-ACP). It is now available in a fresh mint flavor. The application leaves a clear film of varnish on tooth surfaces. It is indicated for the treatment of hypersensitive teeth in patients with high caries risk. MI Varnish is available in a 50-count box of unit-dose cups with 50 disposable brushes. Brushes are packaged separately for convenience. Eighty percent of consultants found the new flavor to be as good as the original strawberry flavor and 20% found it to be an improvement. This fluoride varnish received a 91% clinical rating.

September 12, 2013

ClearView Single-Use Nasal Hood from Accutron

N2O Nasal Hood Shows Respiration When Patient Breathes Through Nose

Used for the delivery of nitrous oxide conscious sedation, Accutron’s ClearView Single-Use Nasal Hood is a double hood design with a transparent outer hood and a brightly colored and lightly scented inner hood. Offering visual assurance to the clinician that the patient is breathing nitrous oxide properly, condensation collects in the clear outer hood when patients breathe through their nose.

The soft inner hood creates a desirable nasal/facial seal, and the selection of colors and scents engage patients of all ages. The hood’s low profile allows the clinician an improved field of view and easier access to the mouth. Latex-free and individually wrapped, ClearView is available in a variety of scents and unscented gray. For FREE samples call 800-531-2221 or click on "Samples" link on homepage.

Accutron’s ClearView Single-Use Nasal Hoods provides a visual of patients breathing through their nose and, as a low profile and compact nasal hood, it allows the clinician a better field of view plus easier access to the mouth.  Colorful and lightly scented, it engages patients and puts them at ease.

August 19, 2013

Avoid Sticky Situations

OptraSculpt Pad is a new modelling instrument from Ivoclar Vivadent with foam pad attachments designed for the non-stick placement of composite materials. This instrument allows composite filling materials to be placed and shaped with ease and efficiency.

OptraSculpt Pad is a modelling instrument with special foam pad attachments, which enable the efficient, non-stick application of composite filling materials. It is particularly suited for the placement of Class III, IV and V restorations and direct veneers.

Non-stick shaping and contouring

The non-stick surface of OptraSculpt Pad enables composite filling materials to be shaped and contoured without leaving any unwanted marks. Smooth and even surfaces can be achieved with ease and efficiency.

Creating smooth and even surfaces

Natural-looking results are easy to accomplish in anterior and cervical restorations due to the special pad attachments. The highly flexible synthetic foam material optimally adapts to the tooth shape and allows the filling to be contoured smoothly.

OptraSculpt® is a registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent AG.

For further information please contact:

Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc

175 Pineview Drive

Amherst, NY 14228

Tel: 800-533-6825

Fax: 716-691-2285


May 20, 2013

1Shot SUB Series is a dental x-ray holder system with recently upgraded medical-grade silicone elastic bands to help secure the film or sensor in place. The system is designed to fit all film, phosphor plates and digital sensors in all sizes. Holders are color-coded plastic and include styles for taking bitewing, anterior/posterior periapicals, and anterior/posterior endodontic radiographs. 1Shot SUB Series can also aid in aligning the x-ray tube to the film/sensor. All x-ray holders and silicone universal bands are reusable and autoclavable. The starter box contains eight holders and 80 SUB bands. Seventy-five percent of consultants found the new bands to be an improvement over the previous version and 100% felt they held the sensor more securely in the holder. This product received an 82% clinical rating.

October 2, 2012

XDR Digital Radiographic System

XDR Digital Radiography, your complete imaging solution, provides simple and high-quality capture from intra-oral sensors, pan/ceph units, intra-oral cameras, scanners, PSP units and more.  XDR’s sensor delivers industry leading image quality combining dramatic spatial resolution with industry leading signal-to-noise ratio.  With the most rounded corners among size-2 sensors, and an easy-to-see white face, these are the thinnest CMOS sensors available, promoting effective and comfortable placement.  The thin direct-to-USB cord is both stronger and less likely to be bitten.  And with bonded strain relief, a repairable mylar-reinforced cord, and immersibility in glutaraldehyde, this may be the most durable sensor ever.  Chosen by UCLA’s School of Dentistry, XDR software is dramatically easier to use, bridges with all practice management systems, provides feedback on exposure levels, and allows viewing of images during the charting process.  Advanced imaging filters go beyond the limits of film and the human eye.  Patented Bi-Directional Scaling allows more accurate measurements in any direction, enabling the only accurate digital implant overlay available.  Patented Distortion Correction undoes the effects of projective distortions, allowing for more comfortable sensor placement.  The optional Enterprise version allows multiple locations to share data and images across any number of facilities, even over slow internet connections; and it provides secure control by user, by patient, and/or by specific function.  Call 888-XDR-XRAY.

XDR Radiology




October 2, 2012

Door to Door Dental Provides Innovative and Affordable Solutions for Dental Practices of All Kinds

Paisner and Team Specialize in Creating Patient Setup-Infection Control Kits

Stoughton, MA – Door to Door Dental (DTDD) specializes in dental patient setup-infection control kits for chair side use. DTDD takes the most commonly used dental supplies and prepackages them in convenient ready-to-use customer specific kits. Kits can contain bibs, disposable bib holders, cotton rolls and gauze, saliva ejectors, high volume evacuator tips, light handle, mouse and keyboard covers, masks, handpiece and suction sleeves, air/water syringe tips, gowns or other products. Customers can choose one of DTDD’s standard kits or for higher volume practices, 1000 or more, create a custom kit to suit their needs. 

“With our kits, you have everything you need at your fingertips in a convenient package,” said Paul Paisner, President of DTDD. “Your infection control techniques will be enhanced and there will be no need to run back and forth to the shelf or supply room for materials. What’s more, you’ll cut down on waste, decrease pilferage, and most importantly, save time and money.”   

Door to Door Dental patient setup kits are also ideal for any mobile operation or multiple clinical dental setting. “No longer will you have to gather boxes of disposables”, said Paisner. “Simply take our kits and a box of gloves to the site and start seeing patients.”

DTDD’s innovative approach to patient setup-infection control is beneficial for both patient and practitioners. Paisner and the Door to Door Dental team have decades of experience providing high-quality supplies and equipment to dental and health practitioners across the nation.

About Door to Door Dental

Door to Door Dental is a distributor of disposable dental supplies specializing in the most commonly used products in the dental office. DTDD products are consistently priced 20-40% less than the major dental distributors. Door to Door finds the best products for the price and passes on the savings. Among other products offered are paper, cotton, sterilization, prophy and barrier products, gloves, masks, shields, mixing tips, varnish, cups, apparel and housekeeping supplies.

For further information: Paul Paisner, 781-344-0010,

September 12, 2012

3M™  ESPE™  Filtek™ Bulk Fill Flowable Restorative is a bulk fill flowable that dentists can trust to last because of its high strength and wear resistance. This bulk fill flowable restorative provides dentists with the ability to treat patients quickly and easily—without compromising their high standards for product performance.

Recommended for bulk fill liner/base applications, Filtek Bulk Fill composite helps dentists save time and steps. Its flowable viscosity provides good adaptation, and its 4mm depth of cure reduces the need to incrementally layer restorative material. It also offers better wear resistance than other leading bulk fill flowables, while maintaining low stress and shrinkage. Most importantly, Filtek Bulk Fill flowable restorative offers higher compressive and diametral tensile strength than competitors, so dentists can feel confident placing it as a bulk fill composite. 

Filtek Bulk Fill flowable offers helpful advantages in its ease of use, with both capsule and syringe delivery options, as well as availability in four shades—Universal, A1, A2 and A3. The capsules, syringe tips and plungers are designed in a bright orange color for easy and quick identification in the operatory, adding to the convenience of the bulk fill procedure.

For more information about Filtek Bulk Fill flowable restorative, visit or call 1-800-634-2249.


September 12, 2012

Three Kinds of Protection!

Why buy three different products when all you need is one? EmPower® is effective as an enzymatic pre-soak, an ultrasonic cleaning solution and an evacuation system cleaner. You’ll save time and money with our 3-in-1 dual enzymatic detergent. EmPower cleans away blood, tissue, mucous and other protein rich fluids, while leaving your instruments clean and shiny. It’s safe to use on all instruments and compatible with stainless steel, soft metals, hard plastics, rubber and glass . With a near neutral pH of 7.5 — 8.5, EmPower is an ideal solution for your facility’s amalgam separator. So simplify and streamline all your cleaning solutions with EmPower.

For more information contact TotalCare Customer Care at

800.841.1428 or visit

September 10, 2012

Although it is universally recognized that interproximal cleaning is essential for controlling gingivitis, periodontal disease, and tooth decay, many people have difficulty accomplishing this. Studies have shown that flossing add years to life and can help an individual look younger and have better health in general. The ADA continues to recommend flossing as part of a good oral hygiene regimen.

Braces in particular can accumulate food and plaque, which can stain the teeth, result in white spots, tooth decay, and gum disease. How the teeth and gums look when the braces come off depends largely on how the teeth were treated and maintained while the braces were on.  Furthermore, patient oral hygiene is recognized as an important determinant of orthodontic treatment time and quality of the orthodontic result. It is generally experienced that a significant percentage of orthodontic patients experience hygiene challenges. Prophylactic programs and good oral home care for individuals who are undergoing orthodontic treatment is of paramount importance.  A recent study found that 62% of orthodontists questioned reported inadequate patient oral hygiene during treatment. Additionally, when more oral hygiene information was given to the patient following a poor oral hygiene finding, over 50% of orthodontists reported no improvement. The key is to provide an easy and efficient tool to use that will aid and inspire excellent oral hygiene among these patients.

The FlossPro was designed with that purpose in mind. It can be held as a tooth brush and used to floss each contact area utilizing a specially designed prong that fits between the wire and the teeth providing an easy and fast way to floss without a threader.

August 29, 2012

Tokuyama Dental America has released their flowable composite, ESTELITE FLOW QUICK High Flow in a new PLT (Pre-Loaded Tip) delivery system. ESTELITE FLOW QUICK High Flow is a low-viscosity, high-flow, light-cured, radiopaque resin composite.   This flowable composite utilizes Tokuyama’s 100% spherical filler technology for ideal handling and esthetic properties. It is indicated for direct anterior and posterior restorations (particularly for small/shallow/tunnel shaped cavities), as a cavity lining, for blocking out cavity undercuts before fabrication of indirect restorations, and for the repair of porcelain and composite. It is available in shades A1, A2, A3 and OPA2. ESTELITE FLOW QUICK High Flow is also available in a newly designed syringe with an internal gasket to prevent oozing of the material after use. The tips included with the material also have a narrower orifice to help control the flow of this low-viscosity composite. There are two available viscosities in the Tokuyama flowable composite line, ESTELITE FLOW QUICK and ESTELITE FLOW QUICK High Flow. All four shades of ESTELITE FLOW QUICK High Flow were evaluated by 17 Editors in over 400 uses. It received a 91% clinical rating. Editors' Note:  ESTELITE FLOW QUICK and ESTELITE FLOW QUICK High Flow are now available in  a PLT (Pre-Loaded Tip).

July 9, 2012

Suni: The Pioneer in Digital Radiography


SuniRay digital radiography system makes it easy to capture and analyze dental radiographs quickly. Using the latest CMOS technology and Suni Advanced Imaging Software, SuniRay delivers exceptionally high image quality with maximum diagnostic capabilities.


A recent study by a third-party independent agency showed the SuniRay System to be very sensitive to radiation exposuremeaning that it required the least radiation dosage to produce a useful image. “In most cases, the amount of radiation to which patients are exposed is minimal, and everyday sun exposure delivers radiation to people that they are not even aware of, but, regardless of that fact, safety to patients continues to be a critical aspect in dentists selecting equipment to outfit their practices, said Paul Tucker, CEO of Suni. 


The SuniRay System is designed with patient safety in mind. The different components of the Suni sensor and Suni’s proprietary sensor technology are married together in such a way that radiation is minimized providing a safer environment for both staff and patients. “This is the basis of Suni sensor development,” continued Tucker. “Suni’s combination of sensor pixel size, scintillator and fiberoptic technologies, a piece of everything so to speak, provides a diagnostic quality product that continues to rate high in the safety category.”


Designed and manufactured in Silicon Valley, SuniRay represents the perfect balance of form and function. SuniRay’s ergonomic design and rounded corners ensure easy positioning and optimal patient comfort. Plus, the unique design of its reinforced cable attachment and hardened outer casing makes SuniRay incredibly durable and reliable.

July 2, 2012

BISCO’s TheraCal™ LC

The first light-cure flowable with a purpose…to stimulate and assist in regenerating dentin!


TheraCal LC is dentistry’s first HEMA-free, radiopaque, flowable resin liner to contain “apatite stimulating” calcium silicates. TheraCal LC’s placement serves to seal, protect and stimulate the natural healing process of pulpal and dentin repair. Regeneration is optimized with the use of a material that serves as a barrier, creating an alkaline healing environment, and most importantly, releasing calcium stimulating ions to mobilize repair.  


TheraCal LC is the innovative alternative to the commonly used calcium releasing materials of CaOH, mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) and capsulated portland cement. It also can be used as the replacement for resin-modified glass ionomer liners (RMGI) due to TheraCal LC’s excellent handling, ease of placement, insolubility and enhanced regenerative properties.  


TheraCal LC was developed to incorporate the proven clinical benefits of calcium releasing materials and the sealing ability of RMGI, but without the cytotoxicity of HEMA and solubility of the paste/paste materials currently in use (e.g. CaOH products). 


TheraCal LC is dispensed directly onto affected moist tissues from a flowable syringe; no mixing, clicking or triturating.  Direct placement offers the security of providing an immediate protective barrier for the pulp stimulating naturally occurring apatite revitalization for pulpal protection.  TheraCal LC is light- cured in 20 second impulses in 1mm increments.  Because of its’ thixotropic properties, TheraCal LC’s precise placement simplifies its’ use in all deep cavity preparations, including direct pulp capping, and will not rinse away.  

TheraCal LC is the first resin modified calcium silicate which can be placed directly on pulpal exposures after hemostasis is obtained and is indicated for any exposures, including carious, mechanical or exposures due to trauma.


July 2, 2012





When you think of enamel, think of Renamel Microfill. Renamel Microfill from Cosmedent is the most esthetic composite in dentistry, winning Product of the Year a record three times. Renamel Microfill has the best combination of handling, shades and commitment from the company to make sure you know how to use its products. All 16 of the Renamel Microfill Vita shades are close matches with its Vita analog, and the extensive shade selection (36 shades) allows you to match just about any tooth. All Renamel composites are color-matched to each other and the Vita shade guide, so you never have to guess shades or mix colors. Its fluorescence is the best in its category- just slightly lighter than tooth structure. The pink Gingafill shades are definitely handy when restoring Class V restorations in teeth with recession and when closing gingival embrasures. Renamel Microfill has amazing durability and color stability over time, making composite repairs quick and easy.  Additionally, Renamel Microfill has been clinically proven to polish to the highest shine of any composite and to retain this polish long-term. With Renamel Microfill you will get results so natural, it is often difficult to determine which tooth is real and which tooth is Renamel. Renamel Microfill can be used to replace natural enamel, or to replicate the enamel layer in a build-up technique.


For more information about Renamel Microfill, please visit:


July 2, 2012


The Revolutionary One of a Kind Power Cleaning Brush


As Featured on CBC’s Dragon’s Den


March 15, 2012 – Barrie – PowerDent is a revolutionary, one of a kind power cleaning brush designed for removing bacterial plaque from full or partial dentures and oral appliances (i.e. nightguards, orthodontic aligners and retainers, sportsguards, bleaching trays, sleep apnea appliances, etc.).  The PowerDent brush is the first to offer an alternative cleaning solution to millions of denture and appliance wearers.  With its dual head design, the PowerDent cleans areas that other brushes can’t reach and its patented “pulse” technology blasts away plaque and stains while cleaning for fresher breath.  Since its introduction to audiences on the Canadian hit TV show Dragon’s Den the product has exploded and even consumers in Japan, South Africa and Australia have seen all the benefits of the PowerDent brush.


Quite simply there is no other product on the market today offering the same benefits as PowerDent.  With its “pulse” technology, stiffer bristles and dual head, it is the perfect adjunct to existing denture and appliance cleaning routines, complementing denture and appliance tablets and pastes.  The PowerDent brush is the first of its kind and easily blasts away plaque, stains and tartar, eliminating harmful biofilms that hide in the deep grooves in these dentures and oral appliances that regular toothbrushes and soaking alone can’t reach.


Principals Dr. John Miller (dentist), Jim Harrison (denturist), Ali Khonsari (dental laboratory owner and operator) and Bill Young (entrepreneur) have a combined 40 plus years working in oral health.


For additional information or product samling, please contact:


Dr. John Miller



May 15, 2012

DenMat Acquires Discus Dental Restorative and Impressions Brands, Re-Engineers the FLASHlite Magna

March 2012, SANTA MARIA, CA—DenMat acquired and is now the exclusive source for the restorative and impressions brands formerly available from Discus Dental. This includes the following outstanding products:

  • Splash! super-hydrophilic impression material
  • Precision premium VPS impression material
  • PerfecTray bite tray
  • PerfecTemp registration material
  • Gripper double bite tray
  • MegaBite super-rigid VPS bite registration material
  • Clear Bite clear, medium-viscosity VPS matrix bite registration material
  • Chocolate Bite VPS bite registration material
  • Vanilla Bite VPS bite registration material
  • Moxie bonding agent
  • FLASHlite & Magna portable LED curing lights
  • Nuance light-cured composite.

Since the acquisition, DenMat has re-engineered the FLASHlite Magna as the FLASHlite Magna 4.0, now a more focused, more powerful curing light. Proprietary optics reduce divergence of the beam to maximize curing power in deep preps for more effective curing.

To order any of these outstanding products, please contact DenMat at 800-445-0345 or visit to order online.

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June 29, 2011

Vertise Flow

Kerr Introduces Self-Adhering Composite: Vertise Flow

ORANGE, CA – January 1, 2009 – Introducing Vertise Flow, Kerr’s first self-adhering flowable composite. Kerr has become a leader in resin restorative dentistry due to decades of advancements in composites and expertise in adhesives―both of which come together in Vertise Flow. The self-adhering flowable composite technology eliminates the need for a separate bonding application step with composites for direct restorative procedures. Powered by Kerr’s renowned OptiBond® adhesive technology, this product will greatly simplify the direct restorative procedure for today’s time-challenged dentist by incorporating the bonding agent into the flowable, a distinguishing feature that sets Vertise Flow apart from competitors.

Product Manager Mikhanh Pham said, “Vertise Flow’s incorporated adhesive creates a tenacious bond to tooth structure and protects against microleakage. Bond strengths to dentin and enamel are comparable to other self-etch adhesives.” Vice President of Research and Development David Tobia explains the technology further. “GPDM is a unique molecular entity containing a phosphate group that bonds to the calcium in the hydroxyapatite, and a methacrylate functionality that bonds to the monomers in the resin matrix. Thus, GPDM, with its dual chemical roles, is the glue that affords Vertise Flow its unique properties.” Clinical studies through independent research validate low microleakage and high bond strengths and are available for viewing at

June 29, 2011

WAMkey - Remove safely crowns in 2 minutes, with 2 fingers AND give them a "2nd life."

Specially designed for crown and bridge removal, WAMkey® is a quick, cost-effective and entirely trauma-free alternative to conventional crown pullers. Furthermore, in most cases, with WAMkey® you can permanently or temporarily reuse the crown or bridge, including porcelain or porcelain fused to metal crowns. This very user-friendly device differentiates itself from competitors by applying a dissociating action (or couple of forces) between the preparation's occlusal surface and the crown's inner side. The degree of force applied is astonishingly low and avoids all rocking movements. It’s perfectly axial action leaves the crown free to "choose" the path of least resistance, thereby totally eliminating all risk of damaging the preparation. The procedure generally takes only one to two minutes per crown. Much quicker than cutting the entire crown with a bur, this solution is also recommended for crown removal prior to root canal (re)treatment procedures and can be extremely useful during bridge abutment removal procedures.

For more information please visit:

June 29, 2011

Composi-Tight 3D Sectional Matrix System


Silicone Tipped Separator Ring Reduces Flash

The new Composi-Tight 3D Sectional Matrix System features a revolutionary separator ring design incorporating soft silicone faces that tightly adapt matrix bands to the teeth.  The result is a Class II restoration with minimal buccal or lingual flash, greatly reducing finishing time.

The Soft Face™ 3D-Ring is contoured in three dimensions with the typical anatomy of premolars and molars.  The soft silicone provides the final adaptation for a perfect fit on typical dentition.  The primary function of tooth separation is achieved with a firm core that directs the 3D-Ring’s spring tension into the interproximal space for tight contacts.

The Composi-Tight 3D Sectional Matrix System is offered in an Introductory Kit that contains separator rings, a selection of five sizes Slick Bands and a custom ring placement forceps.  Slick Bands are Garrison’s unique non-stick  .0015” thin dead-soft sectional matrix bands.  The proprietary micro-thin coating reduces bonding agent adhesion to the matrix band by an average of 92% making the bands significantly easier to remove.

The kit is backed by Garrison’s 6-month hassle free money back guarantee and can be ordered directly on their website,, or by calling toll-free 888.437.0032.

For more information, contact Janet McGettigan at 616.842.2244 or email at

June 29, 2011

Snap-On Smile®…The Non-Invasive Esthetic Solution

Patented Snap-On Smile from Den-Mat Lab is a non-invasive cosmetic, removable full arch that literally snaps over the patient’s existing dentition…without impinging on the gingival tissue or covering the palate. It’s completely tooth-borne, so no adhesives are required; patients can eat, drink, and function normally in every way—and wear it all day, every day! It’s ideal for esthetic provisionals in implant cases, cosmetic removable partial dentures, and even as a long-term smile enhancement. As a non-invasive option, it’s easily removable and completely reversible. Since launching the Snap-On Smile television advertising campaign last year, literally thousands of patients have changed their lives with this exciting new treatment option.

To help prospective patients learn more about Snap-On Smile and practices offering it near them, Den-Mat introduced, which features a “Find a Snap-On Smile Dentist Now” doctor look-up tool. Three Preferred “Find a Snap-On Dentist Now” Listing spots are available to subscribing practices in every zip code for a three-month listing period, which is renewable on an ongoing three-month basis.

“We’re seeing many new patients coming into the dental practice seeking Snap-On Smiles. Snap-On is not only an effective cosmetic tool, it’s an outstanding practice-builder. That’s why we built the web site with the local dentist search tool, to help practices get the maximum benefit from the demand we’ve created for their services,” commented Eric Relyea, Vice President of Marketing, Den-Mat.

For more information or to opt-in to the Snap-On Smile Preferred Listing, please contact Den-Mat at 800-445-0345. Henry Schein is the exclusive distributor of Snap-On Smile.

June 23, 2011

E-STATIS Advantage

The E-STATIS Advantage is an advancement of the original E-STATIS Electric Handpiece System.  The E-STATIS Advantage comes equipped with a new motor, the E-STATIS SLM (Short, LED, Micromotor) that is 35% shorter and lighter. The short motor decreases the overall length and weight of the handpiece, while maintaining the standard shank length that accepts universal E-Style attachments. The motor provides 100-40,000 rpm with the 1:1 attachment, and up to 200,000 rpm with the 1:5 attachment. The system can be mounted either internally or externally on the dental unit and offers a removable LCD touch screen which can be integrated into any location. The unit comes programmed with three standard operative modes and five endodontic settings. All programs are fully customizable. Program options include auto-stop, auto-reverse, auto-forward, auto-reverse forward, speed, torque, and light output. The system includes the E-STATIS SLM motor, electric control box, touch screen, and operators manual.

May 25, 2011

Combine strength with beauty using Zirlux FC full contour zirconia

Zahn Dental is pleased to introduce Zirlux FC, a unique system of pre-shaded, full-contour zirconia discs and characterization materials. Zirlux FC allows a dental laboratory to mill and characterize beautiful, yet strong, full-contour zirconia crowns and bridges.  Using only 5 unique shades of zirconia, Zirlux FC Stain Pastes can be used to achieve 16 A-D and 3 bleach shades.

Saving time, money, and increasing the reliability of the esthetic outcome, Zirlux FC eliminates the need for coloring liquids and drying time, resulting in exceptionally strong restorations that meet the esthetic and functional demands of today’s patients. 

An excellent esthetic alternative to metal and metal-occlusal restorations, final restorations milled using the Zirlux FC system can be fabricated as thin as 0.5 mm, allowing use for cases in which traditional glass ceramics are not indicated.

Zirlux FC full-contour zirconia is available for purchase as discs for in-house milling or as milled restorations from select outsourcing centers.  Beautiful and strong, the Zirlux FC system allows technicians to create the best in CAD/CAM milled full-contour zirconia crowns and bridges.  

For more information, visit:


May 6, 2011


Comfort represents the patient’s #1 criterion for rating the quality of dental care. The challenge for practitioners is that while local anesthetic is the dentist’s primary tool for pain management, the patient may experience more pain from the anesthetic injection than from any part of a dental procedure.  Many dentists are surprised to learn that their dental anesthetic cartridge contains anesthetic at the pH of lemon juice.  It is not surprising the injection of an acid into sensitive tissues can be quite painful.    

Introducing Onpharma®, the company whose easy-to-use products make it convenient for the dentist to deliver a pH-buffered local anesthetic injection using standard injection technique, standard armamentarium, and standard dental anesthetic cartridges.

Onpharma® anesthetic buffering solution, when used with the Onset® Mixing Pen and Onset® Cartridge Connectors represents the first and only automated, reliable, and convenient way to adjust the pH of lidocaine with epinephrine cartridges at chair side immediately prior to injection – a process that takes about 5 seconds.

Important Information:

The indication for use for Onpharma® Sodium Bicarbonate Inj., 8.4% USP Neutralizing Additive Solution is to adjust the pH of lidocaine with epinephrine toward physiologic pH in order to reduce injection pain. The Onset® Mixing Pen and the Onset® Cartridge Connectors may be used in conjunction with Onpharma® Neutralizing Additive Solution.  The full prescribing information for Onpharma® Neutralizing Additive Solution, as well as the Instructions for Use for the Onset® Mixing Pen and for Onset® Cartridge Connectors may be downloaded at

For product video, visit:

May 6, 2011

GC America Introduces: GC Fuji TEMP LT™

Alsip, IL – February 2011 - GC America is very proud to introduce GC Fuji TEMP LT, the first of its kind conventional Glass Ionomer Temporary Cement that will be available in March.

GC Fuji TEMP LT is indicated for:

-  Temporary (provisional) cementation of all types of all-ceramic, resin and metal-based crowns and bridges, as well as implant abutments.

GC Fuji TEMP LT provides the following features and benefits:

  • Excellent handling with no-runny consistency
  • Easy to remove excess cement which helps prevent remnants which can cause peri-implantitis
  • Low film thickness (6 microns) (CAD CAM made prosthetics are very precise fitting)
  • Radiopacity to make overhangs visible (290%)
  • High bond strength and mechanical properties for cases where high retention is needed
  • Excellent thermal insulation (prevents sensitivity)
  • Excellent biocompatability
  • High Fluoride Release and recharge
  • No adverse effect on final cementation which is common with eugenol cements
  • Easy clean-up once you remove the provisional to lute the final appliance

For more information on GC America’s products, please call Customer Service at 800-323-7063 or visit

April 29, 2011

Riva Light Cure HV - high viscosity, sculptable and strong glass ionomer

Riva Light Cure HV is a high viscosity, resin reinforced glass ionomer restorative.  Resisting any initial threading traditionally found with a light cured GIC, it is easy to shape and contour. 

Riva Light Cure HV has brilliant esthetics to give to give your restorations life-like qualities.  Riva Light Cure HV has excellent resistance to common stains such as black tea and red wine.  

Riva Light Cure HV is BPA free.

Riva Light Cure HV releases high levels of fluoride, resulting in increased anticariogenic properties and improved longevity of the restoration. 

Riva Light Cure HV minimizes microleakage and long term wear resistance.  It has the strength, the chemical adhesion and the biocompatibility that you expect.  The orange light safe tip prevents premature curing. 

Riva Light Cure HV is available in shades A1, A2, A3, A3.5 and B1.

For more information, please contact SDI on 0800 734 034 or visit:


April 29, 2011

Riva Self Cure HV - high viscosity, tough and packable glass ionomer

Riva Self Cure HV is a high viscosity, extremely strong self curing glass ionomer restorative, tough enough to resist surface indentation and strong enough to withstand substantial mechanical loads. 

Riva Self Cure HV’s packability makes restorations easy to shape and contour.  It can be bulk placed and does not adhere to your instruments.

Riva Self Cure HV is a strong dentin replacement.  When dentin is missing, use Riva Self Cure HV to replace it.  It is the best dental material available today that virtually mimics dentin.  No adhesive is required, and sensitivity is non-existent.

Riva Self Cure HV has free movement of fluoride, which provides benefits to surrounding and adjacent tooth surfaces.  The significant fluoride levels released result in increased anti-cariogenic properties and improved longevity of the restoration.

Riva Self Cure HV is available in shades A1, A2, A3 and A3.5. 

For more information, please contact SDI on 1800 337 003 or visit:


March 30, 2011

Kerr Takes Simplicity to the Next Level:

New Maxcem Elite Self-Etch, Self-Adhering Resin Cement

ORANGE, CA  – The new Maxcem Elite self-etch, self-adhesive resin cement for indirect restorations is simplicity refined. Cleanup is easy in the gel state, and there is no need for hand mixing, and no refrigeration required. You get superior ease of use in one single step, yet there is no compromise to performance. Bond strengths are higher than other leading cements in this category, and no bonding agent is necessary. Maxcem Elite is compatible with all common substrates. For more convenience, intraoral and post canal tips allow for dispensing of material into hard-to-reach places.

 “With Maxcem Elite, Kerr has taken the self-etch, self-adhesive cement category to the next level with a technology further evolved and refined, making indirect restorations even simpler and easier for dentists across the globe,” said Kerr Product Manager Michael Padilla. “Maxcem helped set the standard for simplicity in self-etching, self-adhesive cements, with a product that was easy to use for trusted clinical results,” said Ryan Miller, Director of Product Management. “Now, Maxcem Elite has raised the bar on simplicity and performance.”

This material employs the same unique adhesive used in Kerr’s OptiBond® family of adhesives. The optimized resin matrix and filler systems improve wettability, resulting in greater adhesion and allowing for immediate light curing and better shelf-life stability. Maxcem Elite’s non-slumping property facilitates the placement of material and easy cleanup. A proprietary redox initiator system eliminates the inherent discoloration of BPO/tertiary amine initiator systems for a more esthetic restoration. Maxcem Elite leverages almost 50 years of experience in developing cements, underscoring Kerr’s commitment to creating innovative, premium-quality products.

Visit to learn more about Maxcem Elite self-etch, self-adhesive dual cure resin cement and the broad portfolio of Kerr products, or call 800.KERR.123.

For more information please visit:

March 24, 2011

Sure-Check® Sterilization Pouch (Crosstex International ) introduces new size.


SURE-CHECK®Sterilization Pouch (Crosstex) is a self-sealing, single-use, disposable sterilization pouch indicated for use in steam. SURE-CHECK has built-in external and internal Class 4 multi-parameter steam indicators (time, temperature and steriliant contact) printed on the pouch. It is wet-strength treated and made from virgin medical grade paper with a transparent film to allow a clear view of the contents and internal indicators. Additionally, SURE-CHECK features triple seals to prevent penetration or tearing from sharp instruments and a wider self-seal adhesive strip that securely seals sterilization pouches. Crosstex has introduced the following new sizes: 5.25” x 6.5”, 5.25” X 15”, 8” x 16”, and10” x 15” of its advanced SURE-CHECK® Sterilization Pouches. With the addition,

SURE-CHECK pouches are now available in 12 different sizes – from 2.25” x 4” to 12” x 18.” The pouches are available in 200-count boxes, except the three larger sizes, which are available in a 100-count box.


Read more.

November 24, 2010

Cut Your Retraction Time with

Expasyl Gingival Retraction Paste,

Now in Pleasant New Strawberry Flavor


ORANGE, CA – July 24, 2009 – Expasyl gingival retraction paste now comes in strawberry flavor. This new version of Expasyl offers the same tissue management qualities—excellent hemostasis and atraumatic gingival retraction in a fraction of the time it takes to use cord—now in a pleasant new taste. A new high-value intro kit includes the lightweight ergonomic gun, new curved tips, and 60% more material than the original.

A leading product evaluation service cites that over 90% of impressions received in dental labs today do not have a circumferential visible margin, indicating that soft tissue frequently obstructs the finish line in impressions. Fast, safe and painless, Expasyl is a one-of-a-kind solution to this problem, simultaneously stopping bleeding and expanding the sulcus, which allows impression material to accurately capture crisp margins for great-fitting restorations.

Expasyl significantly cuts retraction time, is less traumatic to surrounding tissue, and the composition of the material prevents bleeding and crevicular fluid from obscuring the detail of an impression. It contains a 15% concentration of aluminum chloride which constricts blood vessels and shrinks epithelial tissue, preventing residual bleeding and separating soft tissue from the dentition. This results in an open, dry sulcus which is the ideal environment for impression-taking. These same clinical benefits are also useful in final cementation of indirect restorations or any restorative procedure that occurs near or below the gumline.

To learn more about Expasyl Strawberry or our broad portfolio of products, visit or call 800.KERR.123. To find out more about continuing education online and free CE credit, visit Kerr University at for upcoming live webcasts, on-demand video, and the latest CE articles.

November 19, 2010

Septodont to Launch Racegel at GNY 2010


Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA - October 1st, 2010 – Septodont is introducing Racegel, a gingival preparation/hemostatic material, at the Greater New York dental meeting being held November 26th - December 1st 2010.


Racegel is a hemostatic agent that controls bleeding during crown seating and perio scaling and absorbs crevicular fluid prior to and during impression taking.  Racegel contains 25% Aluminum Chloride which is clinically proven for its astringent properties.  The bright orange color makes it easy to dispense, place and rinse while causing no mechanical trauma to the gingiva.  Packaged in a convenient delivery system, the Racegel kit contains 3 – 1.4g syringes and 30 pre-bent needle tips.  The pre-bent tips provide better control of the material, even in hard to reach places.


Septodont has become a trusted name in the dental community for more than 75 years.  Mostly known for our innovative and reliable pain control products, dentists can now put that same trust into our growing restorative and infection control lines. 


Racegel is available through the dental supply dealer.  For more information, call

1-800-872-8305 or visit our website at


For more information contact:

Cass Campbell

Product Manager

Septodont, Materials Division

October 1, 2010

Acuity. Comfort. Clarity- It's Feather Sight!

Fountain Valley, September 9th, 2010. Ultralight Optics Inc, home of the SMALLEST and LIGHTEST LED headlight, proudly presents Feather Sight, the best choices in ergonomics and visual acuity. Available in sporty frame and titanium frame, the unique design and accents of the Feather Sight provides extreme comfort for use all day long. Feather Sight comes with fully adjustable optics for the flip up and custom pupilary distance optics for the TTL, let alone prescription glasses. A variety in optical options allows all doctors to customize and to set the optics perfectly for their unique physiology. Multi layer coating for scratch resistance, anti-glare, and anti-fog is a default setting on all models. High magnification (available in 2.5, 3.0, and 3.5 and multiple working distances up to 540mm) means better
clinical ergonomics, and greatly reduces lower back pain and neck strain.

Smaller than a dime (0.65" in diameter) and lighter than a nickel (0.13oz or 4g), Feather Light is ranked the top choice for LED headlight in 2009, and 2010 by an independent non-profit dental education and product testing institute. Complemented by the smallest and lightest LED headlight in the market, Feather Sight and Feather Light is the lightest loupe and light combo ever available.

Starting from $269.00, Feather Sight is guaranteed the best possibly affordable magnification loupes. With 45 trial days period, limited lifetime warranty policy (for defective manufactured parts only), introductory rate, and our special
loupes and light combo price, Feather Sight is the best choice for your magnification magic.

For more information, please call (323) 16-4514 or visit our website at

Feather Sight is the propriety of Ultralight Optics Inc, a Fountain Valley, California based corporation, the FIRST and ONLY dental company founded by a dental student, RON NGUYEN. For any further media inquiries, please contact Ms. Vivian Pham, Business Manager, at (714) 436-0116 or via e-mail at

October 1, 2010

DentalEZ® Group Introduces the EverLight™ 

The First True, Direct LED Light in the U.S.

DentalEZ® Group, a supplier of innovative products and services for dental health professionals worldwide, is pleased to introduce an alternative to halogen-based operatory lights. The new EverLight LED operatory light provides color-corrected lighting, precise light pattern, and energy efficient features. 

The LED EverLight provides energy-efficient features simply not possible using traditional halogen lighting. The EverLight encompasses a long life of 30,000-plus hours, 10 times longer than halogen, reducing the need for regular replacement of lightbulbs. Moreover, dental professionals will enjoy substantial savings on monthly energy expenses, as the EverLight uses less than 35 watts of energy; 70% less than halogen-based systems. 

No reflector or fan is required for the ultra-quiet EverLight, since it is 100% true direct LED lighting and remains at a consistent, cool temperature. 

EverLight is equipped with nine temperature/intensity settings to meet all your operative needs. Its superior LED technology provides natural daylight illumination and a precise light pattern, which results in clear oral cavity visibility and exact color matching. 

Furthermore, the EverLight’s LED composite setting will not cause pre-maturing on composite materials.

The new innovative design of the EverLight is ergonomically equipped with a standard third-axis rotation, allowing limitless positioning for optimal illumination. Moreover, the EverLight is easily installed in six mounting configurations. 

The EverLight has an extended life expectancy and comes with a 3-year warranty, the best in
its class.

For more information about everLight, please call 866-DTE-INFO or visit   


May 28, 2010

RelyX Fiber Post

RelyX Fiber Post from 3M ESPE is now available in the new, smallest post  size “0”, with a coronal diameter of 1.1 mm. Its radiopacity was rated “Good” by a leading independent dental publication. RelyX Fiber Posts are a reliable, esthetic and convenient solution, standing for predictable clinical performance for all-ceramic restorations. Due to their high translucency and an appearance similar to that of tooth structure, RelyXFiber Posts are not visible through the restoration and support a natural light reflection.

The similarity between RelyX Fiber Posts and natural teeth extends to their mechanical properties as well, ensuring reliable clinical performance. Since the modulus of elasticity is in the same range as that of dentin, forces are distributed evenly within the tooth and thus, the “wedge effect” characteristic of metal posts is avoided. The tapered shape of RelyX Fiber Post further helps to conserve valuable root canal dentin.

 The new 1.1 mm post size makes these benefits available for all clinical situations, and complements the existing sizes of 1.9 mm, 1.6 mm and 1.3 mm diameter very well. RelyX Unicem Self-Adhesive Universal Resin Cement, the world’s most clinically proven self-adhesive cement, provides a solution for the required adhesive cementation of the post and eliminates the need for prior etching, priming and bonding. With the material available in the RelyX Unicem Aplicap Elongation Tip, designed to reach into the root canal, cement application from bottom to top is simplified and the risk of cement voids is virtually eliminated.

For more info go to  or contact the Customer Care Center at 1-800-634-2249.

May 18, 2010


Hu-Friedy® Mfg. Co. offers a complete line of cleaning and care products, including the Enzymax® line of ultrasonic detergents. Enzymax detergents are specially-formulated with dual enzymes that work quickly to remove and prevent biofilms while thoroughly cleaning instruments. Steelgard agents and corrosion inhibitors protect instruments and keep them looking like new for longer instrument life. Enzymax detergents are available in liquid, powder, and convenient water-soluble PAX to meet the needs of every busy practice. The Enzymax products offer multi-purpose applications including ultrasonic, presoak, linen, spot removal, and evacuation cleaner.

The Enzymax line also includes the Enzymax Spray Gel, a ready-to-use, pH neutral, dual enzyme gel that maintains moisture to help prevent debris from drying onto instruments when they cannot be processed right away. The spray gel helps dissolve, blood, tissue, and other debris, eliminating the need for dangerous and time-consuming scrubbing. Enzymax Spray Gel is designed with a corrosion inhibitor to protect instruments and cassettes from discoloration and corrosion. The viscous gel enhances safety by allowing visibility to sharp instruments tips and reducing the chance of splashing from other pre-soak solutions. The spray gel is available in a 24 oz. spray bottle and is perfect for use as a linen spot remover.

All Enzymax products are biodegradable and phosphate-free, simply pour down the drain! The easy-to-use products allow for fast, effective, and responsible instrument care and cleaning.

For more information on the Hu-Friedy line of Enzymax detergents, please contact Hu-Friedy at 1-800-HU-FRIEDY or visit

November 1, 2009

BEYOND™ Cordless LED Curing Light

Lightweight, Cordless Design, Cures any Composite
The BEYOND™ Cordless LED Curing Light has been developed with a dual wavelengths curing system to enable effective curing of any light initiated compound on the market today. By providing high-intensity LED curing at both the shorter 400nm wavelength range, as well as the longer 480 nm wavelength range, the BEYOND™ Cordless LED Curing Light can cure both the traditional camphorquinone (CPQ or CQ) based composites, and the newer, whiter, phenylpropanedione  (PPD) based  materials at the necessary intensity.

A beautifully designed, cordless curing solution, the lightweight BEYOND™ Cordless LED Curing Light is attractively priced and guaranteed to become a welcome addition to your cosmetic practice.

  • High-powered curing with a slimmed-down design
  • Curing power of up to 1000mw/cm2
  • Dual wavelengths system able to cure any dental composite material
  • Two timer options: Intense, 10 second curing function and five second, ramp-up followed by intense, 10 second curing function
  • Compatible with PPD and CPQ photo-initiators, for cosmetic restorations at or above B1
  • Cordless with a long-lasting, rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Three year manufacturer warranty
  • Worldwide input voltage 100-240VAC


November 1, 2009


FlashMax2 uses a 15 W diode. This Super LED has an optical out-put well above 4.000 mW/cm2, which is 10 times more than an old fashioned halogen curing light. This is why FlashMax2 can cure in just one second. A Super LED is so powerful that cooling is needed for optimal function. The FlashMax2 is equipped with an uniquely designed cooling body, which disperses the heat efficiently without the need of a fan, making it noiseless.Ordinary restorative work is done in a few seconds, however when doing orthodontics or bleaching, you will appreciate the extended user time. The FlashMax2 offers 90 seconds of continuous use before a pause (of 8 minutes) is necessary. If you only make a few restorations per week the time you spend on curing the composites may not matter much. However if you make 50 a week, the FlashMax2 will save you 45 minutes compared to an ordinary LED light, and 1.5 hours compared to a standard halogen light.

The FlashMax2 is:

  •  Faster
    With time settings of 1 and 3 seconds there is probably no faster curing alternative to FlashMax2.
  • Stronger
    The newly developed LiFePO4 battery ensures higher capacity, enough for 66-200 polymerizations before recharge.
  • Easier
    The cordless FlashMax2 has only two time settings and no further
    adjustments to make. The light is placed in the integrated holder/recharger without need for visual guidance. A soft beep indicates the immediate start of the recharging process. 
  • Cleaner
    The body of the light has a smooth easy-to-clean surface, and the
    autoclaveable cover and disposable tips ensure optimal hygiene.

For more information visit or call 817-296-5450.


November 1, 2009

radii plus

radii plus (SDI North America) is a cordless, rechargeable LED light-curing unit that received a 93% clinical rating in a review by THE DENTAL ADVISOR in Vol. 23, No. 3, April 2006. radii plus is now more versatile with attachments for curing, bleaching and transillumination. Attachments for curing include the standard Contra Angle, optional Right Angle, and 1 mm and 2 mm autoclavable tacking tips. There is also an Ortho LED attachment that runs for 5 minutes. Attachments for bleaching include both Single Tooth and Full Arch. The radii plus Diagnostic LED attachment emits white light to allow transillumination of tooth structure and an adapter tip that replaces the lens cap is available to create a fine beam of light to illuminate sites where access is difficult. radii plus has a five-year warranty.


October 1, 2009


Fusio™ Liquid Dentin represents the next generation in flowable composite technology.  By effectively fusing together self-adhesive and restorative technology into one product, clinicians can now restore teeth faster than ever saving both time and money.  Fusio Liquid Dentin’s ability to tenaciously bond to both dentin and enamel without a separate adhesive opens up new possibilities for this segment of restorative materials.  Pentron Clinical Technologies product manager Jeremy Grondzik states “While it shares many of the same indications as a traditional flowable composite, its use as a dentin replacement material or a self-adhesive base liner shatters previous perceptions of where and how flowable composites can be used.”  This new generation of flowable composite is priced similar to traditional premium flowable composites and is available in the popular Vita* shades: A1, A2, A3, and B1.

Fusio Liquid Dentin is one of the latest innovations from Pentron Clinical Technologies, an established leader in the dental industry, offering a wide variety of products to suit your restorative needs. As one of the pioneers of fiber post and nano-hybrid composite technologies, Pentron Clinical has successfully demonstrated its commitment to the technological advancement of dentistry. Our portfolio of innovative and award-winning dental products includes: Flow-It® ALC™ Flowable Composite, Breeze® Self-Adhesive Resin Cement, Build-It® FR™ Core Build-Up Material, FibreKleer® Posts, Correct Plus® Impression Materials and Artiste® Nano Composite.  For more information, call 800-551-0283 or visit


October 1, 2009


KALORE™ represents the perfect discovery of science and beauty – the total package in esthetic restorations that has eluded you for so long, until now. Formulated with exclusive, new monomer technology from DuPont, KALORE offers superior handling that puts the control back into your hands. Patented HDR prepolymerized fillers offer exceptional and easy polishability that is sustainable and flawless beauty is achieved from the optimization of matrix and filler refractive indices. For more info, visit or call GC America Inc. (800-323 3386)


October 1, 2009

Maximat Plus

Maximat Plus by Polydentia SA eliminates the need for a conventional matrix retainer. This universal tensioning system for plastic and metal matrices in the posterior region is fast and easy to use: after the matrix spool is placed on the tooth, tightening of the matrix can be performed with just one hand and precisely monitored by the dentist. Once the matrix is wound to the desired tension, simply remove the instrument. As only the matrix spool remains in the mouth during treatment, Maximat Plus allows a better overview during the filling phase, contributing also to the patient’s and the dentist’s comfort. Furthermore, the small matrix spool does not interfere with wedging. A video presentation of the product in use is provided on

Maximat Plus avoids the excessive leverage associated with conventional matrix retainers, so the matrix is not distorted approximally and a perfect contact point can be achieved. With the Maximat Plus several fillings can be placed simultaneously in the same quadrant. Once treatment is completed, the matrix is simply removed by reinserting the tensioning instrument. All standard posterior teeth matrices up to a maximum width of 7 mm can be used with the Maximat Plus. To ensure the highest standards of hygiene, the matrix spool has been designed for single use only. The tensioning instrument, on the other hand, is made of stainless steel and high-quality amorphous plastic, and can be sterilized in an autoclave (resistant to temperatures of over 134°C – 273°F).
For even greater rapidity and convenience, the spools can also be supplied with pre-loaded contoured metal matrices (thickness: 0.04 mm/.0015” and NEW microthin 0.025 /.001”). Click here for more information.


October 1, 2009


Septodont, New Castle DE: N’Durance is a breakthrough in composite chemistry and Nano technology. N’Durance demonstrates greater polymerization with significantly lower shrinkage than the most popular composites on the market.  Clinically tested at the University of Colorado, Loma Linda, (California), and Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, N’Durance has been found to exhibit superior esthetics, excellent wear resistance and a radiopacity that rivals amalgam.

The unique chemistry of N’Durance contradicts what other composites experience with the greater conversion causing greater stress at the bond interface. The unique Nano dimer conversion technology created by Septodont changes the shrinkage dynamic. With over 75% conversion and as little as 1.4% shrinkage, N’Durance restorations provide great wear resistance, biocompatibility and color stability as well as exhibiting no postoperative sensitivity. Clinicians can feel comfortable with using N’Durance in all classes of anterior and posterior dental restorations.  N’Durance is also compatible with all bonding agents so there are no additional techniques to learn or materials to purchase.

 N’Durance Nano Dimer Universal Composite system is available in an 8 shade kit made up of the most popular anterior and posterior shades.  A total of 16 Vita shades, plus universal opaque, bleach white and Incisal is also available in syringes or unidose capsules. N’Durance is available through the dental supply dealer.  For more information, call 1-800-872-8305 or visit our website at


October 1, 2009

Quickmat Deluxe

Quickmat Deluxe is the easy-to-use sectional matrix system, ensuring the achievement of optimal, tight, properly contoured and finished contact points.
The contoured matrices adapt fully to the contact area of the adjacent tooth and, in conjunction with the wooden wedges, surround the cervical shoulder perfectly. Additionally for narrow interdental spaces the unique contoured sectional matrices microthin 0.025 mm (.001”) are easy to burnish and allow achievement of the tightest contact points. For extended cervical preparations, contoured sectional matrices with a special extension, provide anatomically correct contours and consistently tight proximal contacts also in case of subgingival restorations.

The Quick ring is made of stainless steel and can be sterilized in an autoclave at 134°C (273°F). The special angulation of the tines allows easy placing of two Quick rings one on top of the other when restoring MOD cavities. With larger approximal box extensions, silicone rubber tubes can be placed over the tines to prevent them penetrating too deeply into the interdental space. Quick rings are easily placed in position using standard rubber dam clamp forceps. For accurate placement and easy removal of sectional matrices, Polydentia proposes Quickmatrix forceps. A superior tool ensuring easy placement of Quickmat sectional matrices and simplifying their removal once the tooth is  restored and tight contact points achieved.

The special angulation of the tips is engineered to prevent distortion of the Quickmat sectional matrices contoured shape. Tips with ribbing assure extra firm gripping; tungsten carbide coating prevents tips deterioration. In addition these ergonomic and light forceps stay securely in the hand and provide a comfortable working situation for
practitioner and patient. The slim design assures excellent overview and the spring system optimal tactile sensitivity. Made of first quality surgical stainless steel. Autoclavable at 134°C (273°F).


August 1, 2009

IPS Empress CAD and IPS e.max CAD

e.max Lithium Disilicate is the most robust ceramic system tested to date* An independent study* evaluated the durability of lithium disilicate as it compares to layered zirconia supported restorations by means of a mouth motion cyclic fatigue test. This test is able to simulate the forces exerted in the mouth to assess how ceramic materials hold up to the forces of chewing.

IPS emax Lithium Disilicate This Changes Everything Ivoclar Vivadent’s patented lithium disilicate material is truly a revolution for the dental industry. Never before has a material been able to combine high strength, high esthetics and ease of use into one product, until now.

IPS e.max lithium disilicate restorations exhibit superior durability featuring 360-400 MPa of flexural strength. What’s more, when the lithium disilicate is fabricated to fullcontour, the monolithic structure is the most robust ceramic system tested to date.* Lithium disilicate is comprised of a unique crystalline structure which gives the material its strength and uncompromised esthetics. The opalescence, translucency and light diffusion properties of lithium disilicate were all designed to replicate natural tooth structure for beautiful and undetectable restoration.

Not only does the strength of lithium disilicate make it durable in the mouth, but it also offers options for cementation. Restorations with a retentive preparation form can be conveniently cemented with conventional cement.

*Mouth Motion Fatigue and Durability Study
Petra C Guess, Ricardo Zavanelli, Nelson Silva and Van P Thompson, NYU

August 1, 2009


The Cadent iTero
Digital Impression System

The only digital impression system that...

  • Allows for the fabrication of all types of dental restorations
  • Eliminates the need for coating teeth
  • Utilizes single-use imaging shields for maximum infection control
  • Allows for subgingival preparation for superior outcomes

The path to the perfect fit
A digital scan performed with iTero is, quite literally, digitally perfect. This type of precision virtually eliminates the need to reimpress patients and renders remakes a thing of the past. By removing the imprecision that is intrinsic to conventional impression materials, you can deliver consistently impressive work. iTero allows for the fabrication of all types of restorations: veneers, crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and implant abutments, from single units to full arches. iTero models are precision milled at our state-of-the-art facility in New Jersey and are considered best in class.

With the ability to scan quadrants and full arches, iTero allows the clinician to easily take digital impressions of single-unit cases as well as more complex restorative and cosmetic full-arch treatment plans. Onscreen visualization of the scan in real time ensures that preparations are perfectly completed and that there is adequate occlusal clearance to achieve the best cosmetic and restorative outcome. The result is a reduction in seating time and an increase in patient satisfaction.


August 1, 2009

VITABLOCS:  The clinically proven, esthetic selection of machinable materials, for over 20 years.

BREA, CA—When it comes to machinable materials, it’s important to choose the right partners – ones that have been clinically proven time and time again.  In that regard there is no greater leader, no greater innovator, than VITA.  Through the introduction of VITABLOCS, VITA pioneered the machinables segment in dentistry, and product innovations through the last two decades have resulted in the evolution of materials so lifelike, and so successful, that it’s hard to believe they weren’t built by hand.

VITA has always been a leader in restorative esthetics, so it’s not surprising that VITA would be on the vanguard of the machinables trend.  VITA developed not only the very first materials for the CEREC machines, but, in pioneering development research with MIT, developed a next generation of materials in the VITABLOCS Mark II Blocks that were specifically designed to be milled – not just repurposed from other products – and were also designed to mimic enamel in their wear on opposing dentition. 

These VITABLOCS material advantages have been confirmed by well over 16 million clinically successful restorations placed to date.  And, VITABLOCS Mark II blocks were elected as the best material in a study conducted by an independent non-profit dental education and product testing foundation in June, 2006. In this study, the clinical success rate of inlays and and full crowns made of VITABLOCS Mark II after 7 years is 94%. It was also shown that the clinical abrasion of the restorations made of VITABLOCS Mark II corresponded to that of natural tooth enamel.

“We have used VITABLOCS in our practice with good success for years,” said Dr. Sameer Puri, co-founder of and Director of CAD/CAM at the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry. “The blocks are esthetic, durable, and have withstood the test of time in many clinical situations.”

From VITABLOCS MarkII to the ultra-esthetic VITABLOCS Triluxe and VITABLOCS Triluxe Forte all the way to products like CAD-Waxx, CAD-Temp, and In-Ceram YZ Machinable Zirconia, VITA has a machinable product to meet your every need.  Vident has been a provider of innovative dental products since 1985 and is the North American subsidiary of VITA, manufacturer of the internationally recognized Classical Shade Guide, 3D-Master Shade System and quality VITA restorative materials. For information on VITABLOCS and other quality VITA  products call 800-828-3839 or visit

July 24, 2009



Endogel® by Jordco® has taken on a new packaging configuration since first introduced in 1999. Jordco recently has chosen to use the MicroDose® 1cc single delivery system. The MicroDose delivery system consists of a 1cc poly tube that hermetically holds the Endogel in a sturdy and easy to use tube. The tube has a long narrow neck that can easily deliver the gel to the pulp chamber or into a Jordco Gelwell® cup that is used with the Endoring® II. The single use tube delivers a generous 1cc amount of the lubricating gel and helps reduce cross contamination by eliminating the need for bulk syringes or jars.

Jordco as also has improved on the superior lubricating properties that dentists have come to depend on for initial root canal file negotiation. Endogel continues to be very water soluble and will easily dissolve from a canal system following normal irrigation technique. Our lubricating gel still contains EDTA and urea peroxide to help with the
overall initial negotiation, shaping and cleaning processes.

A package of Endogel contains 12 1-cc Microdose tubes in a convenient to use zip lock package. A unit of Endogel can be removed as needed from the pack, the tip can be snipped off using a scissors and the gel can be easily squeezed out for use. Single use packaging also allows for easy disposal after each use to prevent cross contamination.

July 17, 2009

D.T. Light Post Illusion X-RO

The evaluation of D.T. Light Post Illusion X-RO (extra radiopaque) was reported by all consultants to show a significant increase in the radiopacity of the D.T. Light Post Illusion. Laboratory testing showed that the radiopacity of the D.T. Light Post Illusion X-RO had doubled. One hundred percent of evaluating consultants rated D.T.Light Post Illusion X-RO as better than D.T. Light Post Illusion; one hundred percent would switch and recommend this product to their colleagues. This product received a 98% clinical rating.

Editors’ Note: For the full evaluation on D.T. Light Post Illusion, please refer to THE DENTAL ADVISOR Vol. 26, No. 5, June 2009.

March 6, 2009

Cetacaine Topical Anesthetic Liquid

Cetacaine Topical Anesthetic Liquid (Cetylite Industries, Cetacaine Topical Anesthetic Liquid’s triple-active formula (Benzocaine 14.0 %, Butamben 2.0 %, Tetracaine Hydrochloride 2.0 %)  provides onset of anesthesia within 30 – 60 seconds and duration typically lasts 30 -60 minutes. Cetacaine is indicated to produce anesthesia on all accessible mucous membrane except the eyes. It is an effective alternative to injections for scaling and root planning or as a topical anesthetic before injections. The newly designed cap allows for direct loading of luer-lock syringes. Our consultants found this newly designed dispensing cap easier to use and more cost efficient, resulting in accurate dispensing and less product waste. Some commented that the new cap featured with the Cetacaine Liquid topical anesthetic kit results in a “great delivery system.”

Read more on Cetacaine Topical Anesthetic Liquid.