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2012 Clinical Problem Solvers

Dentists and their staff face daily challenges with materials and equipment when treating patients. Most teams have identified “go to” products that solve problems. Products that can solve a clinical problem save time, headaches and costs. This issue of THE DENTAL ADVISOR reports on products recommended by the editorial team of THE DENTAL ADVISOR. Each product has been identified as an excellent choice for solving a particular clinical challenge.


CLINICAL PROBLEM: Often, in-office whitening is a long process and patients experience discomfort and sensitivity.

BEYOND Polus Whitening Accelerator with BEYOND Treatment Kits

BEYOND Dental & Health

The BEYOND Whitening System is effective and whitens in as little as 3, 10-minute sessions. The BEYOND Treatment Kit comes complete with everything necessary for effective isolation, including patient eye and face protection and liquid dam material that flows well while remaining intact throughout the procedure. The whitening gel dispenses via a dual-barrel syringe and has excellent viscosity, is easy-to-place and stays put. The BEYOND Polus Whitening Accelerator uses light with three different intensities: gentle, normal and intense. The gentle setting is great for patients prone to sensitivity. Patients truly appreciate the quick procedure, excellent whitening results and minimal to zero sensitivity.



CLINICAL PROBLEM: I find LED lights a useful adjunct to dental loupes. However, I find myself not wearing my previous LED light because it is too bulky and heavy.

Feather Light LED

Ultralight Optics Inc.

The Feather Light LED is the most comfortable LED light I have encountered. It is light weight yet durable enough to withstand an accidental drop. One of my favorite features is its hands free on-off feature on the battery pack. It provides excellent illumination even in the absence of an overhead light, making it ideal for use on pediatric patients being examined while in parents arms, special needs patients in wheel chairs and mission dentistry.




CLINICAL PROBLEM: It is time consuming to place a liner under deep restorations because most materials on the market have to be hand mixed or triturated.

Theracal LC

Bisco Dental Products

Theracal LC is one of my favorite products on the market. It is a resin-modified calcium silicate filled material ideal for indirect and direct pulp capping, and as a base/liner. When preparations are close to the pulp, I generally use a glass ionomer or CaOH as a liner to promote dentinal healing and to reduce post-op sensitivity. I find TheraCal LC easier to use than other materials because it is dispensed in a flowable syringe, allowing for direct placement over the affected area. It is light cured so I can control my working time. This product is easy to use and provides me with consistent, effective results.



CLINICAL PROBLEM: Anterior composite restorations look good at time of placement but lose their luster over time.

Renamel Microfill

Cosmedent, Inc.

With the current buzz of nano-composites “polishing like a microfill,” sometimes it’s just better to reach back to one of the best mcrofills. Perfectly matched to the vita shade guide, Renamel Microfill provides stiff, non-sticky handling that sculpts and holds its shape prior to curing. Renamel Microfill polishes to an incredible luster, and unlike many composites, often improves over time with no concern of a shade shift.



CLINICAL PROBLEM: Dental Professionals often have difficulty finding nitrile gloves that fit their hands while still providing excellent tactile sensation.

Ultraform Powder-Free Nitrile Examination Gloves

Microflex/BarrierSafe Solutions, Inc.

Ultraform Powder-Free Nitrile Examination Gloves are incredibly thin gloves with textured finger tips that provide increased tactile sensation without the loss of durability. The flexibility of the material also allows you to select a tighter fit with minimizing the potential for hand fatigue.



CLINICAL PROBLEM: When I have large restorative cases I often need to make multiple pours of an impression to get several study models. Finding a material that holds up well without tears or distortion is the challenge on these cases.



Flexitime is a great choice of material for multiple pours of study models. It has great detail so it can be used for a working model as well. I find the combination of the heavy body and light body materials is ideal for quadrant trays on single unit cases as well. I also like to use the heavy body as a pre-op bite registration material for multiple unit cases, or in situations where I’ll be prepping a second molar. Sequential relines using light body in the pre-op bite registration are easy, predictable, and accurate. Finally, I will also use the Monophase material for a bite registration when I’m creating an appliance for my TMJ patients, when I need a material that will easily let the patient be guided into the desired bite position.



CLINICAL PROBLEM: Class V restorations can be cumbersome to place with conventional composite due to handling characteristics, and time spent finishing and polishing excess material.



I prefer BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus for Class V restorations because of its strength, and excellent handling characteristics. Unlike most traditional flowable composites, BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus has a high viscosity so it stays where you place it (no slumping). It also releases fluoride which is beneficial especially because most Class V lesions are in an area that can be more susceptible to caries. It is available in two viscosities, Zero Flow (F00) for stacking and Low Flow (FO3) for when you desire a traditional flowable. It also comes in an assortment of shades, including opaque shades.



CLINICAL PROBLEM: I like using glutaraldehyde-based desensitizers but I want a product that will ensure precise placement.

Gluma PowerGel Desensitizer


The newly formulated Gluma PowerGel is my go-to product for patients experiencing cervical sensitivity. For cases that do not warrant a restoration, an application of Gluma PowerGel provides immediate relief, as reported by patients. The material is dispensed in a flowable syringe with a microbrush tip, allowing for accurate placement, and now comes in a gel consistency, ensuring the material stays where it is placed. One of my favorite features is new green color of Gluma PowerGel. It allows me to see where it is placed as well as confirm that it has been rinsed off properly. The gel can be used with all bonded restorations as well. Lab testing done at THE DENTAL ADVISOR showed that the use of Gluma PowerGel had no adverse effects on the bond strength to dentin.



CLINICAL PROBLEM: Placing a posterior composite can be time consuming and should be done in incremental layering to minimize post-operative sensitivity.

SureFil SDR flow


SureFil SDR flow can be bulk filled up to 4 mm, is easy to place, self-levels even on maxillary teeth, and there are no voids. To complete the restoration, a veneer approximately 2 mm thick is placed using a conventional composite to establish the correct contour and shade of the final restoration



CLINICAL PROBLEM: It is difficult to know what to use for over denture attachment pick-ups. Often multiple products have to be purchased to complete the procedure, and the products expire, are lost or don’t get stored together in the office. Then, when it’s time to do an overdenture attachment pick up chairside, the staff is scrambling to get the correct products for the doctor.

Quick Up


Quick Up is an all-in-one system. A denture pick up for dummies kit.. Everything is stored in the same box with easy-to follow instructions and pictures. Dentists who have been reluctant to try chairside attachment pickups or those who may have stopped doing them due to technical difficulty can rest easy. This product will take the stress out of this often difficult procedure.



CLINICAL PROBLEM: Dental professionals often develop skin dryness from repeated handwashing and need a long-lasting hand lotion that does not interfere with donning gloves.

fiteBac SkinCare Germicidal Hand Softening Gel

fiteBac SkinCare, LLC

fiteBac is an effective skin lubricant with prolonged anti-microbial activity. It allows powder-free gloves to slip on effortlessly after hand-washing and application of this hand softening gel. fiteBac is alcohol-free; therefore, it does not dry out your hands. Our laboratory testing showed that this gel is effective for 8 hours against harmful bacteria even after multiple hand washings.



CLINICAL PROBLEM: Some flowable composites are too runny for use in maxillary restorations. They do not stay put.

GrandioSO Heavy Flow


The increased viscosity of GrandioSO Heavy Flow is ideal in situations when you want a flowable composite that stays in place and does not require a lot of sculpting. I love the handling of this material, especially in certain maxillary restorations where I prefer the use of a flowable composite. The reduced flowability of this material saves me time because there is less excess, runny material to remove or shape. GrandioSO Heavy Flow is available in
syringes and compules, and comes in multiple shades.



CLINICAL PROBLEM: Many dental offices have a problem with wrapped instruments routinely coming out of the sterilizers wet.


SciCan, Inc.

BRAVO is an efficient pre- and post-vacuum autoclave that is quiet with a cycle that completely dries wrapped instruments prior to their removal. Plus, with a 10”x13.5” chamber it’s big enough to fit numerous cassettes of all sizes or large loads of wrapped instruments. Best of all, Bravo has the option for an automatic drainage system, so there is no necessity for manually draining the reservoir



CLINICAL PROBLEM: Some patients have complained of a “dirty film” inside their night guards that does not come off with a regular toothbrush.

PowerDent Pulse Multi

Harrison Hygiene

The PowerDent Pulse Multi™ is a power toothbrush designed specifically for cleaning oral appliances, including night guards, dentures, and retainers. It is battery operated and uses pulse technology to remove plaque, stains, and debris. I use one for my acrylic night guard and my son uses one on his soft ortho retainer. We both love it! It is easy to use, cleans effectively, and does not scratch the appliance. I am now recommending this product  to all patients with oral appliances



CLINICAL PROBLEM: Soft tissue overgrowth around prepared teeth and implants makes impression taking difficult and can compromise the accuracy of the final impression

NV Microlaser

Zila Inc.

NV Microlaser is the easiest to use of all lasers that I have tried. Assistants love it since the set-up time is minimal, it has no cords or plugs, it uses disposable tips and it has easy activation. I
use it regularly to manage soft tissue prior to impression taking and for soft tissue contouring for esthetic cases. Healing time is fast and patient discomfort is minimal. It is lightweight (1.9 ounces) and fits well in my hands.