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Clinical Evaluations

A Clinical Evaluation is an evidence-based and clinically relevant article on how a dental product or equipment performs in a general dentistry practice. The evaluation process begins when the product and custom developed survey are sent to a randomly selected group of 20-30 of our 250 Clinical Consultants. The Clinical Consultant and their staff integrate the product into their daily routine, use the product regularly over a given period of time and then complete the survey.

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Editors' Choice

The award of Editors’ Choice signifies a unique and significant product. The editors review each product and its clinical evaluation article and then select the Editors’ Choice. Editors’ Choice designation is generally awarded for Products, but occasionally is awarded for Equipment as well.

Preferred Products

Each year the January-February issue of THE DENTAL ADVISOR features our Preferred Product List. This is a list of the products preferred by Dr. John Farah and our Editorial Staff. Nearly 95% of the listed products have been clinically evaluated by THE DENTAL ADVISOR.

Long-Term Clinical Performance

THE DENTAL ADVISOR was the first to publish long-term clinical evaluations of ceramics, cements, composites, laboratory composites, and bonding agents. With 25 years of experience, THE DENTAL ADVISOR is capable of providing the long-term data many customers require.