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Patients' Comments

  • “Great taste - clean feeling.”
  • “Got rid of the tooth sensitivity right away.”
  • “Helped to reduce the decalcification along my gumline.”
  • “I didn’t like the film left on my teeth. I prefer to rinse.”


TOPEX ReNew is designed to be used as regular toothpaste and is prescribed and dispensed by dentists. ReNew contains 5,000 ppm fluoride with NovaMin and no milk by-products or proteins. The manufacturer describes ReNew as occluding tubules and remineralizing tooth structure to provide sensitivity relief. It is intended for home use by patients with tooth sensitivity; after dental bleaching; with exposed root surfaces; and high caries risk due to xerostomia, medications and orthodontic treatment. The recommended quantity per use is a pea-sized amount of paste. A box contains 10, 1.4 g tubes of ReNew; and with patient instructions.ReNew was evaluated by 41 patients who used it once or twice a day. ReNew received a 91% clinical rating.

Suggested Retail Cost

$140.00/case (10 tubes of toothpaste)

Product Features

The patients evaluating ReNew reported having sensitivity, dry mouth or root cavities. ReNew received average to above average ratings for taste, freshness of breath, and reduction of tooth sensitivity. Seventy-two percent of patients felt their teeth felt smoother and 35% felt their teeth were brighter. Patients reported that they noticed results after one to two weeks. A single tube was reported to last about one to two months. Forty-two percent of patients reported that ReNew was better than their current toothpaste and 53% reported it was equivalent. Fifty-two percent would switch and 48% would recommend it.

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June 2010 Volume 27, No. 05

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